Recommended by Emily Krause

  • A Play about David Mamet Writing a Play about Harvey Weinstein
    18 Nov. 2019
    mathilde is doing the serious work with this play. so much has been said in the other reviews, so i will just join the chorus chanting "produce this play" and chanting the names of the female/trans/nonbinary artists who deserve the space and time and investment that keeps being given to, ahem, others.

    if we won't hold ourselves and our peers accountable, who will?
  • Rock Egg Spoon
    15 Nov. 2019
    oh wow I love this play so deeply and for so many reasons. noah's voice is so sharp, and gentle, and sincere, and satirical, all at once. if I wrote out a list of favorite lines, it would pretty much be the entire script. read it and produce it! it's a seriously special piece of work.
  • Mission Trip [A One-Minute Play]
    1 Apr. 2019
    snap snap snappy. like an ultra-distilled, bite-sized version of the radical, heart-on-a-sleeve directness at the core of all of Franky's work. that freaking smile, though...
  • Sterility NOW!
    1 Feb. 2019
    Massi's writing is in turns, and all at once, biting, poetic, full of delightful surprises and compelling urgency. Sterility NOW! uses its fantasy to dig in deep into the physical and existential state of women's agency and bodies in our society today, sharply highlighting the role that trans-exclusionary radical feminism plays in upholding (and demanding) the oppression and policing of these bodies. Massi is a writer to watch, so if you're not reading their work yet...get on it!
  • Skin Song
    22 Jan. 2019
    a gorgeous and textured piece with layers of aural, visual, and physical imagery that tell an intimate and immense story about love as an act of listening and letting go. gwynn creates a visceral mood and does it with a precise hand.
  • The Place That Made You
    20 Jan. 2019
    Darcy's writing never fails to stun with its sharp-softness, and this play is no exception. This play carries its audience on its back (or in its belly) with all the tenderness and tempestuousness of the sea. In this play, the living as well as the dead can haunt a place, even as it haunts them, the kind of dreamlike feedback loop of love and hurt we only find when we go home. Can't wait to see this piece come to life.