Recommended by Talya Kingston

  • Drift
    5 Jan. 2024
    A brilliant poetic depiction of grief as mirrored in the rhythms of farming life. Throughout a season we see the strength it takes a family to survive in a new community that doesn't accept them. Haunting.
  • Alma
    5 Jan. 2024
    A remarkable two-hander. I saw it at the Denver New Play Summit in 2020 and it's stuck with me ever-since. Beautiful depiction of a mother-daughter relationship as new immigrants to the United States.
  • Walden
    8 Sep. 2021
    This beautifully constructed play delves into the hearts and minds of two sisters, both making impossible life decisions that could ultimately save the planet. While the questions it poses of space colonization are not revolutionary in science fiction, the relationships between the sisters felt all too real and reflective of our own times and choices. It has stayed with me and continues to resonate.
  • Wild Goose Dreams
    13 Apr. 2021
    I was stunned by the beauty in the overlapping narratives of this play. It opened my eyes to the specific sacrifices of people who leave their families behind in order to make money in another country to send home. While in some ways a mediation on the loneliness of modern city life, the chorus of internet voices and connections that are made feel truthful and lovely. A modern epic performance that shook me long after I left the theatre. Beautiful writing.
  • Family Game Night
    6 Jan. 2019
    A beautifully rendered family that anyone will relate to. This play begins with an absurdist premise, moves at times though farce, but ultimately ends (as all life does) in all too realistic tragedy. The characters and their relationships to each other are realistic and most funny when pushed to the extremes of life and death. This one act play made me laugh hard but also left me teary and - most importantly - contemplating my own end of life wishes.
  • 100 PLANES
    6 Jan. 2019
    A magical, romantic and poetic story of female ambition - how much harder women have to push to get ahead and what we have to - or feel we have to - let go of in order to get to the top.
  • Paradise
    3 Jun. 2018
    An impressively multi-layered play full of ideas about science and religion. The relationship between a devout Yemeni teenager and her science teacher/mentor defies stereotypes and audience expectations. Their meditations on science and neuroscience experiments on the nature of love have real life consequences. Left me with a lot to think about.
  • Europa
    29 Jan. 2018
    A sensitive portrait of two friendships (mothers and children) forged one early morning in a playground. Left me thinking about the abuses that shape us and the behaviors we are willing to overlook in those we love. An incredible tribute to those rare female friends who give us the space to tell our stories (no matter how painful) and really listen.