Recommended by Isaac Otterman

    29 Feb. 2020
    What is the best way to represent two black holes colliding over a billion years ago? Put some moody actors scared of intimacy and a half baked director on stage and let em' orbit.

    I admire RIPPLE for all of it's weirdness, it's metatheatricality, and it's commitment to a joke/commitment to science. It's dumb (in the best way). It's smart. It's a great 10-minute script.
  • Even Flowers Bloom in Hell, Sometimes
    27 Feb. 2020
    Time affects everyone and everything, but in prison that effect seems to disappear leaving behind only an impersonal memory to those on the outside, and to those unfortunate enough to be on the inside? They find Hell. But as the title of Franky Gonzalez's play reminds the audience and reader, even Hell can have it's silver linings. The play in the most simple terms is beautiful in it's language and masterful in its themes of time, love, and race, and as many others have written, I hope to see a live production of this soon.

    Thanks for a mesmerizing piece.
  • The Subtle, Sublime Transformation of Benny V.
    9 Feb. 2020
    I would describe Benny V. as a coming of age play about a middle aged man who should have died two years ago, and it is wonderful. Benny V.'s adventure is about the joys of discovering and embracing something new and and finding that it is never too late to start living. From the wry meta commentary the Compere touts, to the poignant strangers turned friends it's the characters that bring this Benny V. (both the show and the man) to life. I hope Benny V. finds his way to your local stage sometime soon.
  • A Kreutzer Sonata
    29 Dec. 2019
    A Kreutzer Sonata is a beautifully written coming of age story that isn't afraid to tackle the important questions of faith, a matter which the script holds central. The relationships developed by Rinkel in the script are wonderful and complex, they aren't afraid to be messy, but at the end of the day the positivity never ceases to be heartwarming.

    The moments that stand out from the reading for me have to be whenever David finally comes out of his shell and embraces who he is, whether it be musically, personally, or in his faith, it's always special and standout.
  • Goddess Of The Hunt
    24 Dec. 2019
    Goddess of the Hunt manages to surprise, entertain, and draw you into the lives of it's delightfully murder-y cast through the use of its endlessly witty dialogue and fun revelations. It's sure fire delight by my accounts.
  • i believe in a republic in which money has a great deal to say.
    13 Dec. 2019
    I read this play through a recommendation during a play exchange challenge and I must say that I'm in love with this script. The utterly hilarious dialogue at the beginning of the play let's the audience believe that they are entrenched in the world of a comedy, but just as reality often rears its ugly head in our own lives, so does it beautifully by the end of this script.

    I felt a pang of guilt for laughing as hard as I did in the beginning and for that I have nothing but admiration for this play. Kudos and thanks.
    30 Nov. 2019
    Ever heartwarming, Four Bedrooms brings together four women in their sixties each trying to discover what life has for them in their golden years. I never had a bad time reading the interactions between Carol and her new housemates, seeing them lift each other up was always endearing. I hope that this script gets the developmental process it deserves because there is a world of life under these women that deserves to be unearthed.
  • Porkchop
    28 May. 2019
    If Sylvia met Silence of the Lambs you would probably have something that looks like Porkchop, a show that is as funny as it is dark and twisted. From an oblivious boyfriend to a psychotic dog this play really has everything. Highly recommended.