Recommended by Crystal Skillman

  • Fatherland
    25 Apr. 2024
    A very powerful, and important play - especially now.
  • Hotel Limbo (full-length play-in-progress)
    27 Nov. 2023
    Hotel Limbo is an extraordinary new theatrical play. Set during the pandemic, the piece follows a writer who loses herself in fiction but must deal with a harsh reality: her husband has stage four cancer. Abigail desperately tries to keep him safe at all costs during the spread of the pandemic, yet her own community is changing. An influx of new people has entered the building which is now housing the homeless. But when Kelvin, one of the new guests at the Hotel Belleclaire befriends her, the building itself challenges her to rebuild herself and her activism.
  • Wonderland
    29 Jan. 2021
    A gorgeous, brilliant play.
  • All In
    14 Dec. 2020
    The minute I read the early pages for Michael’s play ALL IN, I knew that this play was important. Michael’s play, set in an office working towards gun control, is riveting, and makes both sides on this issue think. But it is first and foremost a character piece exploring deep trauma. The first scene grabs you in, and this play just doesn’t let you go.
  • Alond(R)a
    2 Dec. 2020
    I wake up every day dreaming of seeing a production of this incredible play. It's really astonishing.
  • Doubt That the Stars Are Fire
    2 Dec. 2020
    Love this play!
    20 Nov. 2020
    The minute I heard the first pages of NIGHTJAR, I was blown away. Hannah has a voice. You can feel it, hear it, and it is POWERFUL, unique, and has something to say. This captivating play is theatrical, imaginative look into the life a deeply personal and imaginative look into the life of a coal miner’s daughter (her real-life grandmother) in Eastern Kentucky. The play impressively spans years to capture the height and end of Kentucky coal, yet remained politically unbiased. It remains one of my favorite plays - please produce this play!
  • A Distinct Society
    20 Nov. 2020
    There are some plays you hear, or read, or see a reading of and they tug at your heart over and over again. I have fallen deeply in love with this play. For me, at the heart of A DISTINCT SOCIETY is a fraught Iranian daughter-father relationship unlike any other I have seen on stage. It is moving and heartbreaking. As fragmented a society we ourselves live in, I believe this play can connect audience members and open eyes, reach hearts. Can we, in our divided country, and world, lift up the tape that divides our own library?
  • UNCLE REMUS, HIS LIFE AND TIMES, As Told to Aaron Coleman
    20 Nov. 2020
    Through reading UNCLE REMUS, His Life and Times, As Told to Aaron Coleman, we are hearing the work of a tremendous new playwright in theatre - and the play’s message, as well as the rich history it explores and how it explores racial identity, story, and myth in this complex landscape called America floors me. Mixing folktales, American history and personal narrative, this work is both deeply personal and expansively universal. This play speaks to everything we are currently experiencing, and shows us how we got here. This play must be produced when we return to the theater.
  • The Violet Sisters
    22 Jan. 2020
    “A KNOCK OUT. The Violet Sisters is a gripping, moving, and brilliant play. This darkly humorous story of these two sisters and their struggle to find common ground over one stormy night in Brooklyn is a hurricane itself - we are swept away. That the play is still looking for its New York premiere is shocking, but I have little doubt it will find its way into a theater season soon. PRODUCE THIS PLAY. NOW.”