Recommended by Jennifer Walton

  • Element 109
    17 May. 2024
    I thoroughly enjoyed Element 109. Putting a spotlight on Meitner's work and her under-representation in history, playwright Moughon spotlights not only Meitner's scientific contributions, but being a role-model for the ethical considerations of science and to women scientist. Structurally intriguing, Moughon achieves great dramatic effect in a scant 11 pages. I'd love to see this produced.
  • staring at his face: monologue from THOUGHT I’D CALL
    14 Nov. 2023
    This monologue captures so much in such a short time - an entire past life crashes into the present as OWEN processes life-altering news that forces them to confront what has been buried. Taut pacing, vivid dialogue and high stakes, Emmet L.F Cameron takes us on a tour of those time-elastic moments when a world turns up-side down. Great audition monologue!
  • For Richard, for Poorer
    16 Apr. 2021
    Just had the honour of hearing this play as part of a night of zoom readings and IT IS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL PIECE! Love in all it's beautiful imperfection. Steve writes from the heart with such heart. What's not to love?
  • The Strangest of All Rooms
    3 Mar. 2021
    This play... so beautifully, painfully, poetically written. This is a play to feel, to smell, to experience with your senses, it gets under your skin. And... I'm sitting here long after reading it with a big lump in my throat and my heart just hurts, it aches for this family, the people that Emily Hageman has created in this broken family portrait. Thank you for this.
  • Next to Him
    3 Feb. 2021
    Oof. Such a complex dynamic between the three characters, masterfully constructed. What helps and what hurts? I found myself shouting "no no no!!!!" at one point. Incredibly powerful work.
  • The Golden Rule
    3 Feb. 2021
    A bully of a teacher gets schooled on the Golden Rule in this short play that packs a punch. Lots of twists and turns in a play about privilege and confronting those with perceived power to create a more equitable and kinder world. Great reversal at the end!
  • Happy Holidays (or Bust) (10 minute play)
    8 Dec. 2020
    I snorted several times reading Happy Holidays (or Bust), enjoying every minute of this short piece. The perfect holiday play in my opinion - we know this family - we are this family - perfectly imperfect in all their glory.
  • Long Distance MadLib plays
    8 Dec. 2020
    These scenes strike just the right tone for this moment - capturing elements of the pandemic and providing connection, fun and just enough edge to keep it interesting. I love the madlibs element. These would be so great to perform on zoom with a group of actor friends and a cocktail or two... or a class - they're totally appropriate for that.
  • At The Wake of a Dead Drag Queen
    28 Oct. 2020
    Brilliant, beautiful, bittersweet, heart-breaking. I LOVED reading this play - would love seeing it staged even more. Thank you for this play - what a gift to theatre.
  • Faded Shorts: 7 short plays about the mystery of life and beyond
    25 Sep. 2020
    This is a great set of shorts strung together by a really engaging and thought provoking theme. Fast paced, funny, and ominous all in one breath. This playwright has a flare for turning slice of life moments into something surprising. I'd love to see this evening of shorts on stage. Great roles for women / female identifying actors - it would be a lot of fun to dig into as an actor.