Recommended by Donald Loftus

  • The Return
    17 Aug. 2023
    Once again, Roberta Pyzel creates a powerful drama. Her characters are so clearly drawn, and her dialogue is so authentic that we often forget we are reading/seeing a play. It feels so real, and we know these people well. Easy to stage with a cast of just three... and yet it delivers a punch we will not soon forget.
  • DO OVER - a 30 minute drama for four characters
    11 May. 2022
    Once again Arianna Rose creates a fascinating and thought-provoking play leaving the viewer in the kind of emotional state they may have experienced after reading a classic by Stephen King. The dialogue is crisp, the characters are clear and fully developed and the plot keeps us totally engrossed from start to finish.
    Totally captivating!
  • Interventions
    22 Feb. 2022
    Greg Lam creates smart, witty and touching characters and puts them in a situation which completely takes us off-guard. This sci-fi romance hits the funny bone and the heart...and all in just ten minutes.
    21 Feb. 2022
    It is amazing what Charles Scott Jones can create in just ten pages. Four characters and clever, clipped dialogue carry this imaginative look at relationships to its delightful and surprising ending. Wonderfully imaginative.
  • Abandonment [a 1-minute play]
    21 Feb. 2022
    Steven G. Martin is a true artist. He has created a number of short plays that absolutely capture the audience and make us feel something important in as little as one minute. Pure brilliance. I would love to see an entire evening of his work on a stage.
  • Gentlemen
    21 Feb. 2022
    A hysterical view of an experience most men have actually lived through. Great characters and witty dialogue combined with a non-conventional theatrical setting make this play work extremely well.
  • FAMILY BY NUMBERS Award-winning 10-minute drama
    15 Aug. 2020
    It is clear to see why "FAMILY BY NUMBERS”, Arianna Rose’s beautifully written play about families has won multiple awards. It is not only a compelling drama that captures us from the start and holds us until the final blackout, it is also a cleverly devised play using a “numbering device” that drives its important message straight home. It is most impressive what Ms. Rose can make us feel in just ten minutes.
  • This.....
    2 Aug. 2020
    Ms. Stuccio's dialogue is honest and powerful. Her ability to take us to the scene of the crime is so real, it actually makes you nervous! A terrific set-up which holds our attention throughout. Well done!
    2 Aug. 2020
    Carol Berman's dialogue is so authentic and gripping, you feel like you are in the room with these colorful characters. Although set in the sixties and dealing with Nazi’s from the 40’s, it feels uncomfortably relevant to these times we are living in.
  • No Right Time, a virtual play in 10 minutes
    19 Apr. 2020
    I experienced this play when it was presented as part of The Taphouse Theatre’s virtual on-line play festival. It is beautifully written, powerful and honest... and actually made me cry. To create such characters and a plot that can touch an audience in just ten minutes is a true art and Jackie Martin is one of its masters.