Recommended by Keiko Green

  • Wolf Play
    22 Sep. 2021
    This play is so imaginative, funny, theatrical, intimate, vast, surprising, moving, devastating -- all at once. It's a play that really questions family: are they the people you choose to be in your life? What if that choice is taken away from you? One of my favorite writers tackling international adoption with so much heart and humor.
  • Endlings
    27 Jul. 2021
    Stunning and unexpected. This is one of the most fascinating plays I've read recently. I really loved Act 1 -- visually and rhythmically, but moving into Act 2 and coming face-to-face with how we use/exploit/shape our cultures to get attention from white institutions was something that deeply resonated with me.
  • Light Switch
    11 Jul. 2021
    A beautiful piece that moves swiftly through space and time, inviting me into a world I didn't want to leave. It's funny and moving. Looking forward to seeing this on stage :)
    11 Jul. 2021
    I had the honor of hearing this piece twice at the O'Neill National Playwrights Conference. It's a hopeful and heartbreaking look at how even the most progressive institutions so often fail BIPOC folks. It's a fascinating setting and the story unfolds effortlessly. Would love to see this produced! Great work, Nick!
  • Chaos Theory, a play seeking order
    5 Jan. 2021
    I love this play. It's inventive, magical, surprising, romantic, scientific, all rolled-up into a single play. Courtney has such a unique voice, and I am a huge fan!