Recommended by Kevin Delin

  • Naturalized (Ten Minute Play)
    4 Jul. 2021
    The best comedy examines serious issues with humour -- and this splendid bit of theatre does just that. How politics is brought up in this sly piece will leave you gobsmacked.
  • Domestic Help
    4 Jul. 2021
    At first whimsical and absurdist, Jigour's short play rapidly pivots into darker, metaphorical territory. Subtext rides just under each line and the words take us on a journey of self-examination through the allegory of a sensitive clown and an aloof employer. Actors will enjoy the complexity of the seemingly simple dialogue.
  • Will You...?
    4 Jul. 2021
    Baughfman has created a great little piece about *that* question. It's surprising how much emotion can be packed into a minute. The flexibility in casting makes the piece even more unique each time it is staged.
  • Of the World
    2 Jul. 2021
    The subtlety of Vansant's gradual, but persistent, approach to an important topic is much appreciated. Most impressively, she shows rather than tells and veers away from easy polemics. Great to see a play where the parents are individuals and not a single monolith in the treatment of their child. Some terrific moments where, by design, the audience is ahead of the characters. This piece would also work well as an acting exercise, including the high school level, and likely generate some discussion afterwards.
  • Riddles
    10 Dec. 2020
    A taut and intriguing who-done-it in 10 minutes with minimal set design. Tightly written with plenty of room for the actors as well.
  • The Bee That Declared a War (10 Minute Play)
    27 Sep. 2020
    A 10 minute play with a large message about community -- and invisibility. The characters are well-delineated and sharply drawn. The play is set in 2015 but its themes are timeless and, today, especially relevant.
  • Masking Our Blackness
    10 Jun. 2020
    Durham gets a lot across in a mere 15 pages and it's done quite theatrically. This is a potent, powerful play that is both political and authentic. Strong message without polemics. This play will stay with me for some time -- and that's without even seeing it staged.
  • Story Device
    5 May. 2020
    A meta-twisted meta-tale that is part Beckett and part Pirandello. Highly flexible casting and minimal staging allow for plenty of places to explore Pine's interesting bit of mystery and metaphysics.