Recommended by Rachel Teagle

  • Overactive Letdown
    30 Mar. 2022
    This play broke my heart in the best way. A visceral and surreal look at new motherhood and how lonely and confusing it can be.
  • The Place That Made You
    1 Nov. 2021
    A haunting, moving, evocative play with engulfing imagery and lived-in characters. I loved the play between worlds and how such enormous impossible ideas can live beside such intimate, heartbreaking moments.
  • Convent of Pleasure
    15 Aug. 2021
    A frothy, witty romp that's fun for actors and audience. I saw the 2021 Theatre Pro Rata production and was delighted by the wordplay and big, broad performances. A fascinating peek into an almost forgotten corner of the 17th century, this would be a great choice for theaters wanting to do a classical comedy that works for modern audiences.
  • Ronald Reagan: Time Traveler
    9 Sep. 2018
    I saw this play at the Minnesota Fringe Festival in 2017 and it was a blistering romp through right wing politics and misplaced hero worship. Informative, informed, and super fun.
  • All of the Everything
    9 Sep. 2018
    I saw this play as a staged reading, and can’t wait to see it fully realized. This play uses bold theatricality to capture a woman’s grief and a deep, horrific sense of injustice. A timely, necessary piece.
  • The Hired Man
    9 Sep. 2018
    A sweeping drama with a juicy role for an actress in her late 30s/40s. This modern day Oedipus story traps its characters so effectively that you’ll be watching the last scene through your fingers.
  • G Train Exodus
    21 Jul. 2017
    Funny, and achingly magical. I caught a production at the Secret Theater one act festival and I still think about it every time I ride the subway. Fleitman has a way of finding the fantastical lurking behind the ordinary and bringing it on stage in inventive ways.
  • Always Plenty of Light at the Starlight All Night Diner
    3 Jul. 2017
    Sweet, fun, and full of SCIENCE! This queer time travel adventure lifts both its characters and the audience into another world.
  • Shut Up, I'm on a Diet!
    2 Jul. 2017
    Wild, aggressive, and surprisingly vulnerable. Catherine Weingarten deploys utterly contemporary language to obfuscate, avoid, and dive headfirst into Tess's troubled life and relationships. A piece for the fucked up mermaid inside all of us.
    2 Jul. 2017
    A respectful, sex positive look at desire and consent behind the scenes at a porn studio. The plot moves quickly as all the characters reveal who they are and what they really want.