Recommended by Jordan Kilgore

  • The Most Spectacularly Lamentable Trial of Miz Martha Washington
    6 Mar. 2020
    A rip-roaring, unrelenting. much needed recontextualization of a significant moment in our young nation. Beautiful at its best and hideous at its worst-- this play demands to be heard from start to finish.
  • Culver City Fever: Scenes from a Show Business Friendship
    8 Jul. 2019
    Ellis' two aging actresses are beautifully nuanced and genuinely funny as they navigate their old grudge and reconcile and old friendship. This feel-good comedy provides two awesome roles for middle-aged women and a very unique take on our romanticized concept of stardom.
  • Paper Dream
    20 Jun. 2019
    The mark of a good period piece is that it retains its relevance in our modern world. Paper Dream excels in this area. With beautifully developed characters, an engaging plot, and a well-researched historical and cultural context, this is definitely a story worth telling. History buffs and those with an interest in social justice will find this very worthwhile!
    3 Feb. 2019
    After seeing ACCOMMODATION read by Ignition Arts, my mind was absolutely buzzing with questions, none of which have easy answers. Burdick has done a beautiful job starting a conversation about the way our education system overlooks individual human beings-- students and teachers!-- for the sake of appearances and test scores. This play is deliciously infuriating and thought-provoking, and of interest to anyone who has recently encountered the education system in any way!
  • To Be An Invincible Woman
    29 Jun. 2018
    Smith has a tactful and exciting way of bringing fresh humanity to two prolific historical figures. Her imagery is lovely, the relationship between the two women is endearing and heart-wrenching, and overall the script takes you on as many highs and lows as Amelia Earhart's airplane. A sincere, well-researched gem of a ten-minute play!
  • The Presidency of William Henry Harrison in Real Time: A 10 Minute Play
    25 Jun. 2018
    As a sucker for history, I found this short play to be absolutely delightful. Not only is it funny, but it raises good points. How are we remembered, and more importantly, are we remembered at all in the shadows of others?
  • The Twin
    24 Jun. 2018
    All at once bleakly funny, pathetically sad, and bizarrely heartwarming, The Twin has a unique tone and quality that clutches onto you. I fell absolutely in love with nearly every single one of Groenveld's quirky characters. Definitely worth a read!
  • She Gets Naked in the End
    12 Jun. 2018
    She Gets Naked in the End is a piece that is strikingly raw and poetic. It has a keen sense of place throughout, and has an unshakeable Americana-type quality. The script provides three very meaty, substantial roles for three versatile, capable actors. Ranging from endearing to funny to infuriating to disturbing, the emotional impact of this piece lingers long after you finish reading it. Oglesby has a good handle on stark imagery and deep characterization.
  • Such a Pretty Face
    5 Jun. 2018
    Such a Pretty Face is a body positive manifesto that never falters in its sense of optimism in the face of adversity. Sharp, funny dialogue and brilliantly lively slam poetry, along with a protagonist who feels undeniably relatable, are among the things that make this piece soar. Really great roles and material for plus-size actresses. Would recommend giving it a read!
  • The Festial Quartet - a play for Soprano, Alto, Tenor & Bass
    23 May. 2018
    This piece has a distinct, fresh, adolescent voice. These characters face their questions about God and their insecurities in the way that only teenagers truly can. White’s characters face loss and growing up in a way that’s at the same time painfully funny, profoundly sad, and unabashedly human.