Recommended by Aaron Coleman

    27 Sep. 2023
    From the moment the play starts, DJ's razor-sharp, quick-as-lightning dialogue brings us into the acid-tongued, yet deeply vulnerable world of a group of queer friends searching for connection. In a culture that promotes the idea of BFFs, the play deftly explores the fragility of friendship, and the tragedy when friendships fall apart. Yet, DJ finds the gentle poetic beauty that lies within not only the characters, but all of us. Also, this play is an electric field day for actors, allowing them to stretch their comedic chops while also showing real heart. I hope theaters find this and produce it!
    27 Sep. 2023
    An excellent and engrossing play that wraps up a fascinating history lesson in a propulsive character-rooted drama. An expertly-crafted, highly-theatrical page-turner, Crystal’s play reads like a contemporary thriller set mid-century. She takes a fascinating story about America’s ambitious space program and tackles compelling themes of assimilation, atonement for the past, the meaning of being American, and the challenges of valuing our heroes despite troublesome pasts. Most importantly, Crystal keeps the play entertaining while also finding the wider social themes. This is what theater is about.
  • Apologies to Lorraine Hansberry (You Too August Wilson)
    20 Mar. 2022
    Hilarious, witty, bold, and ultimately deeply profound, Lynett’s daring deconstruction of the “Black play” kicks open the door to include Black folx standing at the intersection(ality) of race, ethnicity, culture, and sexuality. Her brilliant concept envisions an alternative American social order where everyone has self-segregated by race into self-governed states to ensure safe spaces. The reckoning comes from multi-racial citizens searching for where they belong. The themes are deep, but Lynett’s deft ear and humorous style make this play a joy to read from start to finish. I cannot wait to see it on stage!
    18 Dec. 2020
    A timely, thrilling piece that gives an unwavering look at how conflicts in the Middle East trickle down to American lives today. It is a deft exploration on how youthful ideologies yearn to create a better world, but invariably face high-stakes challenges. It also shows how media--in this case filmmaking--influences the narrative, and how the result may be searingly unexpected. A great play for an ensemble cast looking to dig into rich material.
  • OPEN
    18 Dec. 2020
    Brilliantly imaginative! Crystal has written a piece that blends theatrical magic and illusion into a powerful tale of love and loss. The play presents a young woman who so thoroughly believes in magic that she uses the fantasy of it to cope with the realities of life. Written with deep humanity, the piece explores how we often deceive ourselves with emotional slights-of-hand. This is a serious piece, but not heavy. Crystal imbues it with her trademark energy, whimsy, and vibrant sense of play. Actor and director alike will have great fun exploring this wonderfully moving story.