Recommended by Anne Flanagan

  • Day Old Bread
    20 Sep. 2020
    This character piece features roles for women over 60, a demographic woefully under served in Theater, and paints a charming portrait of small town life and life long friendships. Day Old Bread would be a great addition to any short play festival.
  • The Egg
    20 Sep. 2020
    A wonderfully entertaining allegory that ends with a lovely, poignant moment. Antone makes her point clearly without becoming pedantic and the result is enormously entertaining.
  • Really Adult
    20 Sep. 2020
    Really Adult captures both one's regret at what may have been and one's hope for what could still be. A charming, touching slice of life that leaps off the page.
  • Jack Pork
    20 Sep. 2020
    So funny and, sadly, so true. A fast paced take on sexism in Hollywood (and everywhere, really) that manages to make its laser sharp point without being didactic. No surprise it's a short play festival favorite!
  • The Invention of Margaret E. Knight
    20 Sep. 2020
    A perfect vehicle for those needing historical facts combined with compelling drama.
  • A Real Boy
    30 Mar. 2017
    With a sharp sense of humor and a deceptively light touch, Kaplan pokes fun at well meaning, misguided do-gooders as he explores the struggle between individualism and societal norms. The fact that the Myers just happen to be puppets is a delightful device that never feels gimmicky nor does it detract from the sincere, serious debate that anchors the play.
    30 Mar. 2017
    Sharp, witty and insightful. The play charmingly captures the late 60s and yet the themes are just as relevant today. Herold knows the world of sports journalism well and it shows.
  • Technicolor Life
    16 Jan. 2016
    Equal parts hilarious and deeply touching, Technicolor Life is a joyous celebration of life and a moving tribute to those that soldier on in spite of wounds, both physical and emotional.