Recommended by Sam Hamashima

  • Dawn Soap Commercial- A Monologue
    22 Feb. 2022
    this is so incredible. full belly laughs from me. surprising and hilarious.
  • To the Stars With Love
    2 Dec. 2020
    A warmth in deep space. The atmosphere mixing with the dialogue gives the reader a glimpse of two people's fleeting moments of humanity as they work for human's progress.
  • PrEP Play, or, Blue Parachute
    2 Dec. 2020
    Okay, the fact that PrEP is a character already sent me, but the characterization is so specific and fun that you can't help but find that little blue pill a charming and exciting friend. The humor balanced against the tension is strikingly energized. If you would like to dive deeper into what PrEp means for HIV prevention, you would benefit from reading this work.
  • Games for Boys
    17 Feb. 2020
    This play's got some vicious truth. I really enjoyed Akiyama's Games for Boys and the way it made me reflect on my own Asian American experience. Akiyama's point of view challenges the reader to examine their own American identity and what it means to live in this country.
  • The Wicked One
    26 Nov. 2019
    You have to read this show. I don't say that very often, but The Wicked One came across my desk and I immediately was drawn into Lisa Sanaye Dring's story. The stakes are high from the beginning and Lisa gives us the amazing opportunity to learn *with* the characters as opposed to watching from above. It has made me think about how my family discusses mental illness and how someone's length of stay in this country impacts their knowledge and trust of medical professionals. What will a mother do to help their son succeed? I urge you to find out.
  • A Land of Plenty
    23 Oct. 2019
    Read a few days ago and this script is still, ironically, eating at me. A Land of Plenty deconstructed my ideas of the American Dream. This script exposes the harsh journey and/or sacrifices one must make in pursuit of their own American West. A Land of Plenty left me chilled.
  • ¡Mamágua!
    10 Sep. 2019
    Our audiences at Campfire Theatre Festival were delighted by ¡Mamágua!. With surprises at every turn and continuous defiance of regular form, I was in stitches by seeing Alberdi's smashing of common structure and his use of unconventional devices. ¡Mamágua!: you've got to read this script. Thank you, Sebastián for your work!
  • Refuge
    10 Sep. 2019
    Everyone fights to survive in the desert. I was captured by Andrew Rosendorf's script from page one. This script holds in itself an earnestness that you don't see so much with scripts centering on our Southern Border. Yes, it's inherently political, but this show focuses on the humanity in such a nuanced way that you put your political identity aside. Refuge shined at Campfire Theatre Festival and gave us something special. Thank you, Andrew for your work!
  • The Once and Future Casey Colman
    10 Sep. 2019
    Are you special or are you not? To what degree do you go to believe in your uniquity? Our audiences at Campfire Theatre Festival were delighted from the very beginning of this dark psychic comedy. The world of Crystal Plains is charming and delightful. Thank you, Jacqueline for writing this script!
  • Earworm
    10 Sep. 2019
    I was immediately drawn to this script from page one. The Song shines as an incredibly powerful character and one that, in some fashion, we've all met before. Our audiences at Campfire Theatre Festival were captivated by Shualee's script. I have half a mind to think that we all went home and listened to our own "Candle's Out" while taking a trip down memory lane. Thank you, Shualee!