Recommended by Nina Ki

  • Nightwatch
    20 Feb. 2023
    Rhythmically poetic, with so much heart. This play deals beautifully with the intricacies of family, history, and the complex nature of generational trauma. Highly recommend!
  • DUTY
    8 Nov. 2022
    Sydni Alise’s period melodrama shines a light on the important history of women being placed in sanitariums. Written with two strong female leads - highly recommend!
  • Endlings
    23 Sep. 2022
    I love that Celine Song brought the rich tradition and culture of haenyeos onstage, along with the very identifiable struggle of being a Korean playwright (real estate!!) within the white institution of theatre. Richly poetic, comedic, and heartbreaking - absolutely love this play!
  • Innocent When You Dream
    23 May. 2022
    A beautiful, evocative play that seamlessly moves through the present and the past in a very interesting and theatrical way. Narasaki is adept at dealing with tough themes and issues with compassion and humor, and presents universal themes through the lens of the Japanese American experience. This play was a joy to read - highly recommend this play!
  • Learning How to Read by Moonlight
    15 Jul. 2021
    A heart-breaking and beautiful play about so much - the experience of being an undocumented immigrant in America, the impact of family and community, and the power of the human spirit (especially in those who experience oppression) to survive and thrive. Tenderly and intelligently written as a love story to the younger self. I highly recommend this play!
  • A Peach Grows in Philadelphia
    3 Mar. 2021
    A hilarious examination of what art is, its purpose, and its consumption. I laughed out loud at some of the lines. Hwang has a talent for creating natural dialogue and relationships between characters.
  • let's make a fort
    3 Mar. 2021
    I love this play so much! Sweet, silly, with a deep well of emotion that bubbles beneath the surface - a group of childhood friends stand on the bridge between childhood and adulthood, looking forwards and backwards. This is my favorite thing that I've read in a long time, and I can not recommend this play enough!
  • pro golfer
    3 Mar. 2021
    A beautiful play with themes of longing and love, and the hopes and dreams Korean immigrant parents hold for their children. The language was sparse but filled with so much emotion. Highly recommend this play.
    4 Jan. 2021
    This play hurts, in the best possibly ways - the kind of beautiful work that you think about days, weeks, months afterward. I never thought a play about two Yangtze turtles would make me cry but it really did. I highly recommend this play!!!
  • Devil Land
    4 Jan. 2021
    I listened to a reading of this play via The Parsnip Ship and was completely blown away - I couldn’t stop listening. At turns thrilling and unexpected, and delightfully fantastical and creepy in all the best possible ways!! I highly recommend this play!!