Recommended by Everett Robert

  • Rough Patch
    15 Jan. 2022
    Cassidy Tilden gives us a beautiful, mournful snapshot that so many of us can relate to in this stirring one minute play. A reminder that, once all of this is over, what life was like in the early days of the pandemic.
  • Woman with a Bat
    12 Jan. 2022
    I love baseball. I love the simple complexity of the game and this play encapsulates what I love about the game. Through the perspective of three different women, at three different times in their lives or maybe it's one woman in three differet parts of her life. But I also love how this play also caotures life and the stages we go throug; from the joy of youth to the uncertainity of the future to the uncertainity of dealing with life, and finally the pain of growing older. This is a beautiful piece
  • Straight Wedding
    10 Jan. 2022
    Just before she has to walk down the aisle, Hana's past comes crashing in. kl's writing is moving and sweet and heartbreaking all at the same time, giving us a snapshot into a moment that explains the past while opening (and closing) doors in the future. Not everything gets wrapped up with a tidy bow, but that's okay, life is messy and seldom do we get the happy ending we think we may want.
  • Trade With Klan: A Play about Choices (Act 1 Sample)
    9 Jan. 2022
    Donald Baker's "Trade With Klan" is a powerful, moving piece that serves not just as a historical narative of the KKK but as a poignent reminder of the power of zealotry then and a warning of the power of zealotry now. The parallel stories of Millie and Dan and the choices they are forced to make will break your heart and hopefully, steel your resolve. A powerful work and highly recommended.
  • For a Man Your Age
    3 Jan. 2022
    Wwhat a delightful play that examines our fear of aging or our willingness to accept it. Full of sweet quiet moments and funny word play and with an ending that is both funny and a touch bittersweet. Highly recommended
  • Danforth Street, January 6
    30 Dec. 2021
    This, this was not the play I was expecting to read, I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't this, and I'm plesently happy and surprised by that. Minigan utilizes the art of audio in a way that, while this play would work brilliantly on stage, crackles in audio form, allowing the listeners to guess what they are about to see. Wonderful work.
    30 Dec. 2021
    The dreams of an actor, longing to play a role that continually eludes him, never the bride, not even the bridesmaid, or even an usher, but the guy at the wedding who is charge of making the punch. Oh how I relate to this role and how I relate to this monologue. This monologue, the space of minutes, details the hopes and dreams, both shattered and ever present of every actor with a story to tell, of the role that escapes them.
    30 Dec. 2021
    This is an adorable and adorably funny monologue, filled with the kind of quick witted, fast talking wordplay that one could expect from a plumber named Dolores. A witty, wonderful little play that deserves all the love it's getting.
  • Timmy's Big Kiss
    26 Apr. 2020
    Matthew Weaver riffs on Busty Keaton's Seven Chances with this YA farce. Equal parts poignant, silly, thought provoking, and laugh out loud funny. There's fourth wall breaking and weird commercials. . Highly recommend this piece for a youth centered community theater, with some great roles for slightly older actors.
  • Maya & Eleanor
    8 Dec. 2019
    This is a short but powerfully strong piece about the bonds we form and link us together. We may struggle with loneliness, with depression and other struggles but having at least one person who connects to you is and can be a salvation.