Recommended by John Bavoso

  • Hugo Saves May!
    4 Jun. 2023
    All I have to say is: Hallmark Channel, when? (Other than after the WGA strike, obviously.) Hayet has created a holiday script that hits all the sentimental notes audiences expect while still sidestepping many cliches and obvious choices one would anticipate. I was particularly struck by the nuanced conversation around adult children’s obligations to their parents. This play is a no-brained for theatres—especially since it can be produced year-round!
  • Stockade
    21 May. 2023
    With Stockade, Rosendorf has offered the world a moving and slyly comic slice of historical fiction that deftly illuminates the sometimes-beautiful, sometimes-terrible things queer people have had to do—and continue to have to do—to survive in a time and place that would generally prefer they not. The narrative moves fluidly through time, as do our allegiances and sympathies as the characters reveal more about themselves and their pasts. I got to see a livestreamed reading of this script, and I can't wait to be in the audience for a full-blown production!
  • Tennessee Wet Rub
    10 Dec. 2022
    This play held me in tense suspense from the very first page, but the true beauty of the script is the way it unfolds the characters into fully realized people. Ruyle’s attention to detail and language is on full display. Timely and timeless, this play is sure to be a crowd-pleaser and spark many a post-show discussion. Highly recommended!
  • The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
    3 Dec. 2022
    Spooky season may be behind us, but reading Minigan’s sharp and witty adaptation of this classic ghost story put me right back in my October feels. Even the stage directions are a joy to read! This is truly a gift to talented and versatile actors—throw in that it’s easy to produce and based on a recognizable and beloved tale, and you have a play that should be presented on stages across the country. Bravo!
  • Off Peak
    3 Dec. 2022
    Having anyone engage you in conversation on public transit during your evening commute is a nightmare—let alone an ex! But in Off Peak, Withers has created an honest two-hander between two former lovers suffused with nostalgia, regret, and maybe, ultimately, redemption. At one point Sarita says, “I don’t think anything’s ever over.” And that perfectly sums up this bittersweet anti-meet-cute. Easy to produce and a great showcase for a pair of talented actors, this play packs a lot of longing and verbal sparring into a brisk 80 minutes. Give it a read!
  • A Benevolent Alliance of Mourners
    16 Sep. 2022
    As a fan of both Ken Preuss and Phoebe Bridgers, I couldn't not love this play! It unfolds beautifully and tenderly, highlighting the mysteries and coincidences and questions about life and death that we all grapple with. This conversation feels natural and relatable, and the audience is absolutely rooting for these two characters by the end of the piece. Great stuff all around!
  • Telling of the Bees
    4 Sep. 2022
    This is such a layered, authentic portrait of the loss of a child/sibling and the struggles of a flawed family scrambling to go on while mired in grief and regret. Hubbard seamlessly weaves timelines together and deftly suffuses the proceedings with a vaguely apocalyptic energy. This play features incredible material for both casts and creative teams to dig into—Beatrice, in particular, is an incredible gift to actors. Absolutely read this play—I really hope I get to see up on its feet one day!
  • The Wonder
    3 Sep. 2022
    With The Wonder, Maggie Lou Rader has created an arresting, haunting (pun intended), and engrossing examination of family, grief, and the afterlife. This play is suffused with the supernatural and the atmosphere is immediately eerie, but it never tips over into the ghoulish—because, at its heart, it's the story of how love can transcend even the veil between life and death. I listened to an audio version of this, and I can only imagine how captivating it would be to see live on stage. A great read to ease yourself into spooky season!
  • Rubberneckers
    28 Aug. 2022
    Did I know I needed a play about a gay Florida highway patrol officer and a middle-aged woman on a counter-productive crusade to end rubbernecking on the road to Disney World in my life? Not at all… but I did, and so do you! Hehr loads this script with absurdism and laugh-out-loud funny lines but also layers it with thought-provoking questions about trauma, vigilanteism, voyeurism, capitalism, policing, and much more. This play is so deeply specific to its setting and yet has much to say about life anywhere in America these days. Highly recommended for an offbeat, unexpected read!
  • The Café Mocha Murders
    27 Aug. 2022
    I love a cozy murder mystery AND a metatheatrical spoof, and The Café Mocha Murders is the perfect blend of both… with whipped cream (applied clockwise) on top! This is a great script for a cast of game comedic actors and is sure to be a lighthearted hit with audiences. Grab a big mug of chamomile tea on a rainy night and give this delightful play a read!