Recommended by Beth Blatt

  • Tallahassee
    3 Feb. 2022
    I loved this play. Wonderful leaps of imagination - that all make sense in this world. Funny. Terrifying. Touching. Satisfying.
  • Change of Plans
    22 Jan. 2022
    Michele skillfully peels the onion of this woman's horrific situation. Completely believable - and the last twist truly a shocker.
  • Under the Hills
    22 Jan. 2022
    Such a poetic and terrifying trip these women went on. Michele captures the horror of Underhill by letting his words convict himself. And love the all the riding lingo!
  • Something in the Holy Water
    3 Aug. 2020
    Such a charming play! Stuccio effectively captures a slice of the cop world and puts it in a holiday setting that lets the heart shine through. Believable, distinctive characters you root for. Funny, emotional, satisfying (like a church lady cookie).
  • 'Twas The Christmas Eve 9:02 To Soulmateville
    3 Aug. 2020
    What a wonderful premise Stuccio has discovered, and explored with humor and heart. I could almost feel myself on that train! A great ten minute play - for Xmas or anytime of the year.
  • Longview
    26 Jun. 2020
    Marcus effortlessly creates characters and relationships that are funny and real and meaningful. I love how he carries the same images forward through the different songs. I hope this lives past COVID!
    12 Dec. 2019
    Fowkes does a great job of sustaining the mystery around complicated family relationships, then delivers a believable, moving portrayal of how a debilitating condition doesn't have to destroy a marriage. Some richly emotional - and funny - roles for actors
  • Accommodations
    4 Dec. 2019
    Gripping from the get go. Characters clear and passionate. A lot at stake for everyone. Would love to see this on stage.
  • With Friends Like ...
    3 Dec. 2019
    Wow! Such strong characters and sense of place. I can see how vibrant and full of life this would be on stage. Love the language, so specific and right. Great 10-minute that an audience would love.
    26 Jul. 2019
    A very smart way to bring the conflict between two cultures to life - through a rude, ignorant teenager and the S. Sudanese refugee she interviews. The author skillfully interweaves different realities to bring the past and present together. Love the foreign words, traditions and specifics about life in her village and the refugee camp. Informative and transporting. And sad.