Recommended by Rita Anderson

  • Sullen Girl
    21 Apr. 2021
    In one of the most brutally authentic "show-don't-tell" styles I have ever read, MacLean masterfully aligns non-linear but thematically-linked scenes that portray the lasting damages of trauma for Gen, a woman who keeps pressing forward and swinging (for mostly futile results), until real love enables her to confront her pain. And her abuser. SULLEN GIRL, with its sharp and darkly-witty dialogue, takes a cold, hard look at some impossible truths--but it shows us the way out, too. And this script compels us all to do the same: "What you hear in the dark, you must speak in the light."
  • Hoboken
    8 Apr. 2021
    Hoboken is a tense play that skirts a lot of grey areas. It's a character-driven drama that follows two protagonists who are also, simultaneously, antagonists. It explores the darkly awkward realm of opportunism when it meets sexual dynamism (or that tricky thing called chemistry). A contemporary play that tackles very complicated terrain but, with the pressure of sexual politics weighted against the characters' MOs, they cannot find their way free of heteronormative traps which leads to their inevitable conclusions.
  • The Incident
    29 Mar. 2021
    This play is more loaded than the prop gun in the script! What a fun bunch of characters and a tension-filled ride--right up until the cool twist at the end. Bonus points too for "DANI's" character growth and an important lesson from LORETTA.
  • Gibberish Mostly
    3 Feb. 2021
    Max Langert has a way with a joke and he's extremely well-versed in comedic plays of all lengths, but GIBBERISH MOSTLY is a refreshing and welcomed risk into the genre of a full-length drama. In this play, Langert articulates the inarticulate. The author finds a clever way to dramatize what we all can only imagine: the interior life of a girl with autism so severe so cannot speak or communicate effectively; in essence, her utterances are "gibberish mostly." Langert creates a rich life of the imagination for his lead character, and we all are left richer by it.
  • "Dex & Abby"
    3 Feb. 2021
    DEX & ABBY is a funny and heartbreaking journey of life, love, and loss. The title takes its name from the lovers' dogs, who have their own equal story and stage time. The dialogue is touching and I found myself weeping so much at the play's end that I embarrassed myself, ha! I was moved by the portrayal of the challenges of loving someone--or one's dear pet--for a lifetime and then having to say goodbye. Allan truly poured his soul into this one.