Natalie Dressel

Natalie Dressel

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  • Stanley Hotel
    13 Feb. 2020
    A famed hotel
    Filled only with the ghosts
    We brought with us.
    Places aren't haunted;
    People are.
    We are haunted by the absense
    Of those who should be here.
    We are haunted by the loneliness that comes
    Knowing our days are numbered.
    Keyes unlocks these feelings as
    A 'Shining' example of
    The ghost shaped holes we leave in each other,
    And the truly frightening concept of
    Unfinished business.
    The ghosts we chase remind us:
    Says what we mean NOW.
    Tell the ones we love that we love them.
    Live life fearlessly,
    Or the Stanley Hotel may await you too.

  • Fervor
    8 Jun. 2019
    What do we believe?
    What is the nature of faith?
    Of truth?
    The man who says, "I am sure"
    He's a liar.
    The man who says, "I do not know"
    He tells the truth.

    A cabin in the woods.
    An impending apocolypse.
    A kidnapped teacher.
    The ghost of a muslim boy's lost innocence.
    A family whose religious fervor
    is headed for a violent cresendo.

    And at the end of it all
    Who was right?
    Who was wrong?

    It all depends
    on what each person

    This play is a symphony of ideologies and emotions that collide at a fever pitch.
  • Tracy Jones
    3 Jun. 2019
    It's what we all want.

    Tracy Jones, in her loneliness, has decided to throw a party
    For anyone
    Named Tracy Jones.
    Seeking self-love (that she doesn't know how to give herself)
    From the outside. Her "spiritual dopelgangers."
    The Tracy's of the world.
    The stakes couldn't possibly be higher,
    Because life is hard to live
    When you live it alone.

    If you are searching for yourself,
    Look inside.
    The Tracy you were hoping to find,
    Is the one who threw the party.

    Loneliness makes us all Tracy Jones.
    Which means we aren't alone.
    Everywhere we look.
    There's another Tracy.

  • Black Super Hero Magic Mama
    18 Apr. 2019
    Grief beyond measure. What can we do when unbearable tragedy strikes but break from reality, creating a world that makes sense out of necessity.

    Sabrina is a mother that may seem at first to be over protective, until we realize that there is no amount of protection a mother can give her child that will keep them safe in today's current socio-political climate. The inablitly to escape this fate is terrifying.

    All of these themes are weaved over an extremely smart and well written script that pulls from comic books, black history, and even Harry Potter.

    I love this play.