Recommended by RICK PARK

  • Forgive Me Cosmo, For I Have Sinned
    19 Oct. 2018
    Very clever--makes me wish I had thought of this idea! Would be a gem of a monologue for any good comedic female actor from 18 to 50!
  • The Chorus Awaits Its Cue!
    20 Aug. 2018
    Fun and bitchy--everything a gay 10-minute play about theater should be!
  • The Friends of Eddie Coyle
    1 Aug. 2018
    Terrific adaptation that keeps all the grit and danger from the Higgins book while providing any actor cast with great, complicated scenes. The script holds tight to the Boston of yesteryear and has so many memorable characters: the doomed Eddie, who makes that one wrong decision that seals his fate; the cold, calculating Dillon; the petty crooks, the mob girlfriend with the heart of tarnished gold. Doncaster has given us all a gift with this piece.
  • Jasper
    24 May. 2018
    Great script that makes you think you know what is going to happen but then switches things up on you. Terrific character development and tight writing made me want to keep reading and it was one of the few plays that, while I was satisfied with where it ended, I really wanted to stay with these characters after the "lights down" prompt--not an easy feat. MacDermott should be proud of this script.