Recommended by Rachel Lynett

  • The Ultimate Cheeseburger
    4 Nov. 2022
    What a fun play! Just when I thought I knew where it was going, I was completely surprised. Full of humor, heart, and (without giving too much away) suspense, this play is definitely worth the read!
  • Backwards Forwards Back
    14 Mar. 2022
    I had been putting off writing a recommendation for this play until I found the right words and I'm still not sure I have them. This incredibly moving play haunts you in the best possible way. It stays with you days after you've read it. I really hope to see it staged one day.
    28 Jan. 2022
    From the very first page, I knew this play would be amazingly theatrical and important. And talk about a satire that bites back. I love the exploration of beauty specifically in the gay community and the hyper realism that ultimately shows how even the most absurd realities still shine on hard truths. Amazing play. Can't wait to see it produced.
  • Angry Brown Hotties and the White Liberals Who Love Them
    19 Apr. 2021
    This is the kind of play that slips under your skin and lingers for days after you've read it. This play is deeply relatable to me and feels like a conversation we need to have but aren't allowed to. I want to see this play get produced ASAP so we can begin to talk about how to create better communities for "angry brown hotties."
  • The Kingdom of Ghosts
    8 Oct. 2020
    It's taken me a while to write a recommendation for this play because every time I think about it, I think about something new that resonates with me in an incredible and different way. Bruce's lyrical genius really shines through and each character is perfectly crafted. This is one of those rare plays where it's just as rewarding to listen to as it is to watch which makes it stands out as we move into a digital/aural era of theatre.
  • Why Are You Like This? (The Audience Services Play)
    8 Oct. 2020
    I love this play and cannot wait to see it on stage once that's possible. All of the characters are immediately recognizable and the humor throughout the play underscroes some incredibly deep character moments. I truly cannot recommend this play enough.
  • the wolf you feed
    22 Mar. 2020
    This is the kind of play that leaves you a little shaken, that I'm sure will stay with me days after I've read it. As always, the language is incredible and the characters are immediately recognizable and real and heartfelt. Beautiful, darkly magical, and filled with rage and pain constantly mixed together weaving a gorgeous tapestry of what it means to be alive and broken and how to find yourself again.
  • Tiny Thin Woman Inside
    6 Nov. 2019
    This play holds an incredible truth about existence while somehow being so funny...and so not. I love how this play gets right to the issue of what it means to be "fit" and challenges the reader/audience to examine their own relationship with "fitness" and offers a thorough dissection of what that even means. I love this play! A perfect snapshot of our current hilarious problematic reality.
  • Legacy Land
    6 Nov. 2019
    This is the kind of play you have to read twice. I have never read a play that so accurately portrays generational trauma so well while simultaneously being This is an incredible, challenging new play that deserves to be produced all over the country.
  • 23 Opinions No One Wanted
    20 Sep. 2019
    This play has so much power packed into it. I love the flexibility and honesty of the piece. I've read it three times and keep coming back to it. I need to see this produced all over the country.