Recommended by Rachel Lynett

  • the wolf you feed
    22 Mar. 2020
    This is the kind of play that leaves you a little shaken, that I'm sure will stay with me days after I've read it. As always, the language is incredible and the characters are immediately recognizable and real and heartfelt. Beautiful, darkly magical, and filled with rage and pain constantly mixed together weaving a gorgeous tapestry of what it means to be alive and broken and how to find yourself again.
  • Tiny Thin Woman Inside
    6 Nov. 2019
    This play holds an incredible truth about existence while somehow being so funny...and so not. I love how this play gets right to the issue of what it means to be "fit" and challenges the reader/audience to examine their own relationship with "fitness" and offers a thorough dissection of what that even means. I love this play! A perfect snapshot of our current hilarious problematic reality.
  • Legacy Land
    6 Nov. 2019
    This is the kind of play you have to read twice. I have never read a play that so accurately portrays generational trauma so well while simultaneously being This is an incredible, challenging new play that deserves to be produced all over the country.
  • 23 Opinions No One Wanted
    20 Sep. 2019
    This play has so much power packed into it. I love the flexibility and honesty of the piece. I've read it three times and keep coming back to it. I need to see this produced all over the country.
  • Funny, Like An Abortion
    4 Sep. 2019
    "If there was a good option, we wouldn't be doing this." I love this play and how darkly playful it is. I laughed at times I felt that I shouldn't and then it suddenly struck me how close we are to this being our constant reality. A truly wonderful new play that needs to get produced ASAP.
  • they were dancing
    22 Aug. 2019
    I am in love with this play. The language of this play lifts up the victims of Pulse in such a gorgeous and incredible way. I was struck by the humanity of the piece and even a month later still come back to it. This is the kind of play that sticks to you and becomes a piece of you forever.
  • The Place That Made You
    5 Mar. 2019
    I am in love with this play! What a heartbreaking and beautiful story about grief and loss. Darcy's imagery and poetic language really make this play a must-read. I'd love to see it someday. (Also amazing title. It's what immediately drew me to this play)
  • Round the Mountain
    5 Mar. 2019
    Whoa. This play has so many surprises in it, none of which seem out of the world of the play. What a fun dark comedy!
  • Really Adult
    5 Mar. 2019
    I love this play! It's filled with surprises, realistically written, and every moment seems so organic. I also love the flexibility of the ending, how it could go either way. Makes me wish I could direct it.
  • Ripped
    5 Mar. 2019
    This is such an important play, especially now. It gets deep into the complexity around date rape culture without holding back any punches. Aside from being super relevant, it's also beautifully written and the characters (and the circumstances) are wholly explored.