Recommended by Shayne Kennedy

  • Mentors
    4 Dec. 2019
    This taut three-hander in which a college acting professor visits two former students. Over the course of a dinner and too much wine a discussion of his current situation—under investigation for inappropriate behavior with female students, but not sexual assault—causes the couple to look at their past experiences with him through a new lens.The way the woman comes to understand her relationship with this professor is startling, and the way her husband can ALMOST let go of his male worldview but doesn't quite get there, is heartbreaking.
  • The Usual Unusual
    8 Nov. 2019
    This play does a very good job of illustrating why we can't settle on what was once good enough. Progressive politics, gender fluidity, white supremacy, the politics of sexual orientation AND MORE are explored in this compelling piece, through the lens of a gay bookstore going through a generational transition. Lovely opportunity for theatre companies looking to do work that values diversity.
  • Rev
    15 Sep. 2019
    This is a heartfelt and poignant piece for three women. Its language and characters are so specific and true to its geographic setting (I live close to where it's set) that the neighborhood becomes the fourth character. A really delightful play about a demographic that we don't hear about very much.
  • John Proctor is the Villain
    16 Aug. 2019
    This play will stick with you--A portrayal of high school girls that refuses to condescend, that allows them validity in their interpretations of a much-revered text just feels so welcome and needed right now. It calls us to look at everything differently--Arthur Miller, our fathers, our boyfriends-since-we-were-ten, our teachers, and our friendships. It's a powerful, funny and painful piece of playwriting.
  • wyrd
    30 May. 2019
    I read this play (as a screening reader for a conference) in October, and I am still thinking about it in May. Funny, crushing, intelligent and powerful, it ticked every box for me, including wonderful and deep roles for multiple women.