Recommended by Emma Gibson

  • After Ultra
    28 Sep. 2022
    This powerful play about generational trauma is beautifully told by Heily. Focussing on the MK Ultra experiment in the 1950's, After Ultra tells the story of Dot's participation in the experiment and the effect on the generations of woman that follow. A harrowing, sometimes funny, always powerful story that weaves between flashbacks, integrated scenes and characters who we genuinely care about, despite their flaws. Highly recommend.
  • Until the Day is Done
    28 Sep. 2022
    This intense, beautiful play, powerfully speaks to end of life decisions in a profound and moving way. Delaney crafts a riveting small cast play straddling genres of magic realism and mystery. The landscape of Alaska looms large as the story unfolds, and the rich characterizations hold us captivated throughout. Produce this play!
  • The Forest
    24 Mar. 2022
    This painful, beautiful play about loss speaks to the great power of theatre to make us feel complex emotions through fiction. This is partly because Romeo crafts her characters with such love and care, but for me, the genius stroke is to make the stage design (the encroaching forest) represent the chaos of the mind, lifting this play into another realm. Deeply moving.
  • Backwards Forwards Back
    28 Jan. 2022
    A deeply powerful and often harrowing one person account of veteran PTSD. With her poetic language and vivid descriptions, Goldfinger crafts an exquisite play that focuses on trauma, recovery, and the very human need to connect, forgive and move forwards.
  • The Electric Baby
    5 Jul. 2020
    I saw this play read at PlayPenn a few years ago and I can honestly say I have never forgotten it. I love the tumbling together of stories, the raw heart of the play. It has been an inspiration and is still up there in my top 5 of all time (yes, I mean it!)