Recommended by Stephanie Alison Walker

  • Polar Bears, Black Boys & Prairie Fringed Orchids
    19 Jun. 2020
    Vincent's writing is effortless and so powerful. I'm gobsmacked. Polar Bears, Black Boys & Prairie Fringed Orchids is must-see theatre. Looking for a play that directly addresses white savior-ism, white privilege, racism and all those uncomfortable truths it's hard for us white people to face and talk about? THIS is that play. I'd be shocked and disappointed if it's not programmed in multiple theaters asap. It's a play that pushes while thoroughly entertaining with dialogue that absolutely sings. It's what we need now.
  • Dr. Soulslayer, Mistress Mindtheif, and The Captor Raptor Have a Zoom
    13 Jun. 2020
    Such a fun and inventive short Zoom play for these pandemic times. I laughed so hard at the witty and delicious dialogue. Wonderful roles for actors in this short super villain piece.
  • Safe Haven: A Video Call Play
    13 Jun. 2020
    This is a deeply unsettling piece infused with such truth, terror and authenticity. It crackles with tension and pitch perfect dialogue. It firmly put my heart in my stomach and it has yet to move back into place. A haunting take on a quarantine piece that shines a flood light on domestic abuse in the time of Covid-19.
    4 Jun. 2020
    I love this play! Lions has magical realism, humor, ghost ships and brilliantly puts micro aggressions on display. It's a play I've never seen before and goes places I don't expect... which is what I always hope for but don't always see! Crowther's language, characters, humor and sharp dialogue has this piece really sing. It addresses gentrification and colonization in a fresh way with deep honesty. We need this play now. Read it, share it, produce it!
  • Muthaland
    27 Apr. 2020
    Minita is a gifted storyteller and her gifts are on full display in Muthaland. It's a powerfully moving piece about one woman forging her own path and identity - one that diverges from her culture's expectations. The piece is gripping and builds momentum through to the end - making you laugh and squeezing your heart along the way. I was deeply moved by Minita's fearlessness and found her work to be extremely truthful, powerful, and healing. It's a story that entertains and makes a difference.
    29 Mar. 2020
    Who knew a play about surviving a series of strokes could be not just a little funny but side-splitting funny and gut-punchingingly emotional?! Michael Shutt is that kind of magic storyteller. A Lesson In Swimming is wonderfully constructed, filled with devastating moments, important truths and lifts the curtain on invisible disability in an incredibly engaging and powerful way. Shutt takes us on a journey with this piece, entertains us and brings us inside his brain so we can see/feel/hear what he did when his "brain broke." It's an important story that is above all, life-affirming.
  • The Dobler Effect
    15 Mar. 2020
    Such a sweet love story filled with hope and truths about aging and letting go of the past. The premise - using Say Anything as a way in is clever and funny and ultimately really touching. Two wonderful roles for seniors. Produce it!
  • Three Ladybugs
    14 Mar. 2020
    Anthropomorphized ladybugs! Anthropocentric thinking! This is a delightful ten-minute meditation on death, life, relationships and the existence of a higher power. The quiet of the ending feels just right.
  • Santa's Dolphins
    14 Mar. 2020
    Something that seems so absurd at first glance- Santa's reindeers being replaced by dolphins- makes so much sense in a world without glaciers. For all the charm and humor and laugh out loud moments (there are plenty and I don't want to spoil them by calling them out,) it's really a touching story about forbidden love and a cautionary tale about global warming.
  • Fabulous Monsters
    14 Mar. 2020
    A sexy, feminist, punk rock play about love that hurts, self-worth and artistic integrity filled with complex characters. I leaned in from the start and would love to see this story come to life with the music screaming from the stage. I kind of felt like Burbano shot this story into our veins because I felt it in my blood. "You love having your heart broken" is a line I'll be thinking about for a long time.