Recommended by Karen Ruetz

    14 Jul. 2020
    Ripe with Louisiana flavor, Wake Me When It's Over, is a delightful reminiscence of three sisters as they gather to plan their mother's funeral. Each sister's memories have a different seasoning and the three come together to create delightful dish of love for the woman who raised them. Excellent roles for women.
  • Ada and the Engine
    13 May. 2020
    Ada and the Engine is a complex and beautifully written play that weaves dramatic moments, compelling characters and mathematics into an artistic tapestry that is mesmerizing to read, and will be a performance to remember. Ada Byron Lovelace has a small part in history, but her story is so emotional and beautiful. The other characters are deep and well-written and will give actors a lot to play with. A beautiful piece of art!
  • Living Room
    19 Apr. 2020
    Living Room is a smartly written love story with an extremely creative staging concept. Ms. Lowe's piece weaves the stories of her delightful characters as they struggle to discover how they all relate to each other in newly blended families. And the staging is the perfect metaphor for the overlap of these complicated family dynamics.
  • THE SANITY CLAUSET 10-minute holiday comedy
    3 Oct. 2019
    This short holiday play is bound to entertain! It's a clever premise and is smoothly written!