Recommended by Marie-Claire Erdynast

  • Bone by Bone
    12 Oct. 2023
    Bone by Bone is innovative and evocative. Yasmin's craft shines through in stage directions that break the mold of theatre conventions by deftly guiding through the characters' inner life. This play boldly captures the complex, violent, and intimate sexual relationships of arab transgender women in a world that secrets away their love.
  • Alien of Extraordinary Ability
    12 Oct. 2023
    Chilling and subversive. Alien of Extraordinary Ability reveals the power structures of the American immigration system through clever metaphor and dynamic world building. The act break plot twist is shocking and reveals the fragility of our power structures.
  • Abundancia
    24 Feb. 2022
    The use of silence in this play is exquisite. Carlos-Zenen Trujillo writes for a new era in theatre. I am completely transported by the descriptive text and movement of this piece.
  • Body + Blood
    1 Jun. 2021
    Haunting and moving. Body + Blood is a contemporary retelling of the story of Jesus told with Joshua, a trans priest. The use of the religious text for theatrical purpose and metaphor is genius. Kearns has an acute sense of staging and the ending of this play is thrilling. I was utterly entranced by this play.
  • CANE
    1 Jun. 2021
    Cane is vibrant and dynamic. I am immediately sucked into the restaurant world amongst the bickering, food-prep, and chosen family. Jefferson is a character worth rooting for and I desperately wish him the best on his journey. Full of laughs, drama, and delightfully nuanced characters.
  • Lena Passes By
    1 Jun. 2021
    Delightful, haunting, and charming journey with Lena across the land of her ancestors. A fun cast of folk tale creatures. I would love to see this play performed with shadow puppets.
  • Sturgeon Play
    27 Jan. 2021
    Beautiful, heart-warming, and heart-breaking. Sturgeon Play details an intimate friendship and coming of age story between a human girl and a Sturgeon. This play deftly taps into the emotional realities of environment issues such as over fishing and the sacrifices humans must make to survive. Sturgeon Play reminds us of how to give love and receive love in return.
  • The Excavation of Mary Anning
    17 Jan. 2020
    The Excavation of Mary Anning is charming, witty, heart-felt, and tremendously fun. Full of a delightful cast of eccentric characters from fossilists to talking dogs to dinosaurs. Mary Anning asks us about why we must continue to discover and explore and dig. I cannot recommend this play highly enough.