Recommended by Meron Langsner

  • Lady in Waiting
    20 Nov. 2017
    This play is a sophisticated commentary on gender masquerading as a really fun send-up of the fairy tale rescue. I would add that the swordfight is dramaturgicaly sound and a lot of fun.
  • Breaking the Shakespeare Code
    25 Aug. 2017
    Wonderful character dynamics and reversals. The changing of the relationships over time and as new information is revealed creates excellent conflicts and connections between the characters.

    This play will also make you walk out thinking that you're a Shakespeare scholar, regardless of your level of knowledge walking in.
  • The Drill (Or, Civil Defense Is No Defense): A Play Concerning the Life of Dorothy Day
    25 Aug. 2017
    A touching and insightful piece of magical realism. I would add that while knowledge of the life of Dorothy Day would enrich the experience of seeing or reading this play, the characters and events stand on their own.
  • Southbridge
    25 Aug. 2017
    This play is compelling and important. Southbridge brings magical realism and history together into an intricate narrative with humor, sensuality, and finally, tragedy.
  • Down Cleghorn
    25 Aug. 2017
    This play deftly and subtly moves from humor to slow-burning personal tragedy and back. The intricacies of the family relationships, especially the relationship of the two sisters to the absent and recently deceased character allow for a detailed emotional journey.
  • dry bones rising
    25 May. 2016
    I had the pleasure of directing a reading of an early version of this play and then of seeing a reading of a later version. This is a haunting, funny, sad, and thought provoking piece about where our world might be headed. It is filled with both the echos of religious archetypes and the unfiltered clarity of childhood. This play also has ample opportunity/obligation for intense physical storytelling.
  • 1 Bed 1 Bath
    25 May. 2016
    A strong emotional journey packed into a very tight and well-structured package. Really interesting (and accurate) use of NYC real estate practices as a means of articulating character.
  • Reality
    23 Aug. 2014
    Engaging and original dark comedy that exposes many modern insecurities about relationships, media, and privacy, as well as a thoughtful examination of the distance between what we perform for the public and what we really are.