Recommended by Erika Hakmiller

  • Even
    24 Apr. 2020
    This is something worth reading and a play that deserves to be heard! I feel lucky to have participated in a reading of this play during it's early stages. Even had the audience ROLLING with laughter. It is over the top in it's honesty and it's satire is incredibly on point. Ben writes what he wants to see on stage, and characters that he wants to play - which brings a refreshing specificity and humor to his work.
  • Break
    15 Apr. 2020
    I’ve only had the opportunity to read Break, but would be very excited to see this funny, chaotic, and meaningful piece produced. This play opens with a physical tension that is released and recreated over and over again throughout the play, creating a visceral reaction in the reader. The chaotic and bizzare set up is made real through the beautiful monologues that are dispersed throughout. The ending twist completely surprised me in a beautiful way and left me asking questions about my own childhood and my own logic on what makes someone good or bad.
  • P.Y.G. or the Misedumacation of Dorian Belle
    31 Mar. 2020
    I saw P.Y.G. in 2019 at Jackalope Theatre in Chicago - and I’m so lucky that I did! This script uses music and humor to invite the audience into the lives of three men who all have varying relationships to masculinity, music, and race. Tearrance does an excellent job at presenting an array of opinions without being preachy and he really leans into the theatricality of the music industry to take the audience on a colorful and satisfying journey. If you have the opportunity to see this you absolutely should!
  • Skin
    15 Jul. 2019
    This play takes so many unexpected turns! It's a fun read and gives two female actors a great opportunity to show off their comedy and drama skills.
  • Miss Conduct
    15 Jul. 2019
    I am so glad I read this! This is exciting, topical, and funny, while at the same time being simple, easy to produce, and dark. Kyle does a great job at blending comedy with such a serious subject matter and his female characters are relatable and strong. I highly recommend Miss Conduct and am excited to read more of the Miss plays.
  • The Good Boy Game
    15 Jul. 2019
    Patrick does a great job at balancing comedy, social commentary, and drama in this play. It is dark and absurd while at the same time seeming all too familiar. Patrick consistently writes well rounded characters and has a unique skill for writing about toxic masculinity without seeming preachy. All of that is in this play.