Recommended by Jessi Pitts

  • The Tragic Ecstasy of Girlhood
    16 Oct. 2019
    This is a piece that hurts in the best ways. Rockwell's characters are delightfully human, making their traumas and experiences all the more difficult to stomach. A wonderful play about with a hopeful and bittersweet end.
  • lasting beauty
    8 Sep. 2019
    A glance into how difficult it is to talk about depression, and how people who claim to understand can't take the brutal truth of it all.
  • Jeremiah's Creeping Arm
    8 Sep. 2019
    A short, sweet, and spooky play about how important the approval is of those that we love. McVay's lilting local legend makes this piece chill you to the bone right before it warms your heart.
  • Neat.
    21 Jun. 2019
    We love a manipulative character who half the time doesn't even realize they're being as manipulative as they are. Gordon fascinates me on so many levels, from his vision of what it means to apologize to why he does and says the things that he does. A fascinating study of relationships after trust has been shattered, and how dangerously subtle manipulation can be.
  • How Sweet The Sound
    21 Jun. 2019
    An absolutely thrilling and horrific story. McVay excels at writing multi-faceted characters who keep secrets from each other, the audience, and even from themselves. A truly well-done play.
  • how to clean your room (and remember all your trauma)
    20 Jun. 2019
    A highly creative approach to a memory play; Chavez's piece is an excellent experimental work that uses puppets, poetry, and a very messy allegory of a room to explore the relationship of a non-binary individual with the people they care deeply about, as well as coming to terms with themselves.
  • (trans)formada
    27 Apr. 2019
    There's something so magical about that brief span of time right before high school ends; where everything is ending, but the rest of life is just beginning. Gonzales captures this metamorphosis into adulthood with Sam's exploration of their gender as well as evaluating relationships with their family, friends, and with the world itself. Every character has a great deal of heart and truth in them, making this play a genuinely delightful read.
  • The Well-Tempered Clavier
    24 Apr. 2019
    A beautiful look into some of the most crucial moments in a family's timeline; this expertly crafted play addresses the differences in the way that multiple generations and even siblings within the same generation experience cultural assimilation in their own way. Garvin's family rings with such clear truth in every detail of their relationships to each other and to the changing world around them.
  • George, Jesse and Mary
    24 Apr. 2019
    Turner's piece is imessurably powerful, and serves both as a beautiful tribute to George Stinney Jr, Jesse Washington, and Mary Turner, and as a reminder of the horrors of white American racism. A gorgeously composed one act.
  • Ripped
    11 Apr. 2019
    Every second of this play provides new information, and creates a masterfully crafted study on how messy, difficult, and confusing these matters can be. It's heartbreaking to watch Lucy experience mistakes of her own doing and mistakes that are out of her hands. A thoughtful piece on rape culture that left me squirming with discomfort; which I have a feeling is exactly what is intended