Recommended by Cheryl Bear

  • Moment Before Impact
    6 Oct. 2022
    The final moments between a couple and what they didn't know. Well done.
  • Forgive Me Cosmo, For I Have Sinned
    6 Oct. 2022
    If Cosmo is your bible, you may be in trouble. A revealing look at the messaging women have been getting for years.
  • Sparrowfall
    5 Oct. 2022
    A revealing and beautifully constructed reflection on a relationship and the love still held. Excellent.
  • A Craigslist Play
    5 Oct. 2022
    What Craigslist reveals! It all comes down to love. Well done.
  • Proof of Monsters (A Bigfoot Play)
    4 Oct. 2022
    A revealing look inside the minds of Big Foot believers and what drives them. Fantastic!
  • You Can Thank Me Later (Audio Play)
    2 Oct. 2022
    A marvelous audio play that lifts you into the sky of possibility! Excellent!
  • The Button Pushers
    2 Oct. 2022
    What would you do for a million dollars? It's time to make a deal so will this couple go for it? Well done!
  • All the Kingsmen
    1 Oct. 2022
    A riveting plot that will keep you in suspense as this plot unfolds! Will these two FBI agents get to the bottom of things?
  • The Last Song
    30 Sep. 2022
    A powerful monologue that sheds light on an experience far too many have had this pandemic. As one fights for their life, one reflects on what they need to hear and that others should also realize how precious these things are.
  • It Has Begun
    30 Sep. 2022
    The most hilarious experience of holiday shopping! Love!