Recommended by Midge Guerrera

  • Fable
    14 Jul. 2022
    The play has real theatrical punch. We are led through the lives of familiar characters and wham - we see a new side of each of them. Fable moves fluidly and I was swept away with it. Incredible female roles with witty dialogue.
  • Paterson Falls
    14 Jul. 2022
    The abuse of the Paterson silk mill workers and the long strike they initiated is a story that is equally true in parts of our world today. Workers organizing for a living wage and safe working conditions. The history of the piece resonated with me. Schools could find the work very useful, not only as a piece of theater, but as a catalyst for discussion.
  • The Fledgling
    21 Jun. 2022
    The Fledgling is an incredibly timely piece. As xenophobia lives on in parts of the country, lessons could be learned from this work. The dialogue between Dog and Cat is lively. Each character's voice has a unique rhythm and the rhythms play off each other well. Easy to produce and a lesson for your audiences.
  • The Night Ralph Threw Up On Me
    1 Jun. 2022
    What a night! No spoiler here but the last line is a great button for a funny and yet sad piece. The dialogue moves the story quickly and with great wit. Easy to stage and enjoyable!
  • Gloucester Point
    16 Mar. 2022
    Gloucester Point has absolutely believable characters. The hint of humor lurking beneath the sober topics makes the characters true to the spirit of their relationships and themselves.
  • Flowers of Hawaii
    29 Jan. 2022
    The dialogue is spot on. Each member of this large family has their own voice. The play moves quickly from each short scene to the next, The unique family dynamic makes this a compelling piece. Great roles for older women!
  • Kidnapping Santa
    20 Aug. 2021
    Laughed out loud! Starting with the first page a smile started spreading on my face. This is not your traditional Christmas play yet deals with the pain and angst that many of us feel about that holiday. The questions raised about belief, trust and moving on are cleverly embedded in the story.
  • Alas and Alack in Alaska
    28 Jul. 2021
    This one act play packs a lot of punch. The well defined characters take us on a journey into the emotional trails faced by a twelve year old and her teenaged guardians. That journey has twists and turns and ended with this reader thinking, "wow, I didn't expect that." When I finished the work, I immediately thought it would be a great catalyst for conversation by middle/high schoolers, parents and educators. The important topics that the play raises include bullying, gender identity, loss of a parent, feeling out of place and suicide.
  • Chemistry Date
    23 Jul. 2021
    I giggled from the opening lines of this well thought out lesson in the elements. I wish my high school chemistry teacher had been this creative. The scientific jargon and knowledge was used to move the piece humorously forward. Truly enjoyable.
  • Night Witch
    15 Apr. 2021
    Having an extended family member, who was one of the incredible women who flew during WWII as a member of the Women Airforce Service Pilots, this work reinforced the stories she has told us. Women working harder and better, but still being looked at as second class. I never thought about their sisters in the air flying for our allies. Night Witch explores the minds, hearts and brass of these women.