Recommended by Jess Hutchinson

  • Redeemers
    9 Feb. 2022
    If A CHRISTMAS CAROL, THE OFFICE, and SUCCESSION had a hilarious and heart-felt lovechild, it would be this play. Simple to produce, directly told to the audience, and full of humor, wit, and big questions like can we ever really change - and can we let those around us do the same, this play is a delight and an unsung holiday hero.
  • The Agency
    26 Mar. 2020
    Run don't walk to read this play. The characters are complicated and delicious for actors to dig into, the story keeps you on your toes through the last image, and the writing is whip-smart and full of specificity, heart, and big big questions about the roles we play and the systems in which we play them.
  • John Proctor is the Villain
    29 Apr. 2019
    This. Play.
    This play effortlessly wraps its arms around classic literature and pop culture and the everlasting quest for women to come into their power in spite of the men who would stand in their way. Kimberly not only understands the voices of young people, she loves them so damn much that she gives them the kind of complexity and depth on the page that they possess IRL. What a gift she is.
  • North Star
    23 Dec. 2018
    This play is gorgeous, timely, and timeless. A heart-full exploration of what it means to live in community and the social contracts we make and break. I love this play.
  • Alabaster
    17 Dec. 2018
    I saw the NNPN Showcase reading of this play. It ripped my heart out and lifted me up and I am obsessed. This is the kind of heart-full work we need.
  • Cowboy
    28 Jul. 2018
    This tiny play is full-size fantastic.
  • The Silent Woman
    31 Jan. 2018
    I thought I knew what I was getting into with this play - and I was most delightfully wrong. This is feminist historical reimagining at its sexiest, most frank, and hilarious. And you'll do your prop designer a portfolio-making solid by producing this fantastic play.
  • Little House in the Big City
    15 Sep. 2017
    Emily writes plays about real people encountering the most complicated moments in their lives, and LITTLE HOUSE is no exception. This play will resonate with anyone who's ever done everything "right" and ended up someplace that feels dead wrong. And, as usual, it's brought to life with crackling dialogue and a whip smart female protagonist.
  • Mercury
    18 Jan. 2017
    You have to read it to believe it. And then you still might not believe it. This Swiss-watch of a play is as expertly crafted as it is hilarious as it is dripping with blood. Download it already.
  • The Pleasure Trials
    16 Dec. 2016
    Sarah's insightful look at what it means to be an ambitious woman reckoning with desire and success is simultaneously hilarious and full of all too rare honesty about the feminine experience. The conversations it generates around the rehearsal room table and in audience response are important, especially now, and vital for our field to consider.