Brian Rust

Brian Rust

Brian Rust is a writer and amateur historian who lives in Boston. His work has been performed at Improv Boston, the Nursery Theatre, Cast Iron Theatre, and online as part of the Red Shift: Interplanetary Do-Gooder writing team.


  • Under a Christmas Moon
    In this play very loosely inspired by 'An American Werewolf in London,' a date turns dangerous when someone is suffering from a very strange holiday curse.
  • Spam Calls from Hell
    A loving couple discovers another reason *not* to answer calls from phone numbers you don't recognize.
  • A View From the Inside
    An audio play done with the limitations 'must include the audience, must challenge our foley team, must include 1-2 lines for a random audience member.'

    Synopsis: During an attack by an enormous blob monster, people discover that getting eaten can be just the beginning.
  • The Dougyssey
    Synopsis: Midway through the events of the ‘Odyssey,’ the few surviving crew members begin to have doubts about their mission and the wisdom of continuing to follow Odysseus.
  • Plan 8 From the Outer Ether: a Steampunk Adventure
    A dysfunctional theater troupe tries to stage a live radio show,'Plan 8 From the Outer Ether', your typical steampunk comedy about a hardboiled detective trying to thwart an alien invasion. Many, many things go wrong, to the point where audiences will not see the same show twice.

    Please note: this has been written to work equally well with any gender in any of the parts.
  • Catastrophe
    When Jenny discovers her friend's cat talks, their relationship--and her sanity--quickly changes.
  • Pope Day
    While leading the American troops in Boston, George Washington is asked to take part in a very unique holiday.

    (Based on an actual 16th-17th century holiday which actually did contain the events described in the play.)
  • Penance (Amy in Hell, Part 1)
    A telemarketer discovers that in Hell it's very important to remember the Terms and Conditions.

    This is designed as a companion piece to 'Reboot (Amy in Hell, Part 2)'; ideally they occur at different points in a larger evening of short plays.
  • Reboot (Amy in Hell, Part 2)
    A dead soul and her Devil have to figure out what to do at the end of the world.

    This play is designed as a companion piece to 'Penance (Amy in Hell, Part 1)', meant to happen at different points in a larger evening of short plays.
  • The Shadow in the Box
    A darker look at the Peter Pan story, and why inviting strange flying supernatural creatures to come and take you off with them might not be wise.
  • Judge, Mental
    It's a tribute to the Marx Brothers. It's a farce. It's the tensest courtroom play involving a penguin and extremely bad puns that's ever been written.
  • Toast
    A trio try to figure out why all their bread comes out of the toaster with mysterious words and images. Will their relationship survive? Will their sanity?
  • Request Line
    A late night radio DJ gets a blast from the past...and maybe a second chance.
  • I Wish
    A magical genie. The world's strangest person. An octopus. Who will come out on top?
  • Snhowdown
    In this mashup of High Noon and Rankin-Bass Christmas stories, Nick faces the worst choice of his life: keep his promise to his new bride and step down as the Santa protecting Christmas Gulch, or save it one last time from the wickedness of Jumping Jack Frost.
  • The Cabbage Fairy (audio play version)
    A less-fortunate relative of the Tooth Fairy tries to adapt to the modern world by seeking employment help.