Recommended by Brigid Amos

  • This Mortal Life Also
    23 Apr. 2022
    A fascinating, complex, and intimate portrait of the theologian as he finds himself torn between his devotion to God, country, family, and romantic love. This play is beautifully written, particularly in Bonhoeffer's direct address to God, which allows the audience insight into a great mind and a brave soul.
    14 Jan. 2022
    Abraham's Daughters has everything you could want in a play: brilliant humor and gut-wrenching tragedy, bitter conflict and uplifting reconciliation, a family story and a global story, all moving toward an ending both foretold and unexpected. Most unforgettable is the central character of Abraham Abramowitz. He is a gentle and wise patriarch with a heart big enough to fit within it the entire world and a courage of his convictions that can bring change.
  • Flagtown Fem-Militia
    14 Jan. 2022
    Fun and frightening at the same time, this play portrays the anger and solidarity among a group of women fed up with those who manipulate local and national politics to their own selfish ends.
  • The Hour of All Things
    22 Dec. 2021
    A joyous, meditative, angry, and hopeful journey to face the fears we inherit, find beauty and love among ugliness and hate, seek justice for the oppressed, preserve our fragile earth, and discover our true place and responsibility in a broken world.
  • Tracks
    17 Dec. 2021
    In this beautifully crafted evocation of lost youth, John Patrick Bray has captured its extreme closeness and bitter rivalries, its good intentions and terrible decisions, and the secret abandoned places we gathered to console each other with tales of the truly lost.
  • The Wonder
    16 Dec. 2021
    I love stories like this that break down the boundaries between the living and the dead in a way that instill hope rather than dread. Yes, there is the horror of possession, of self-harm, of madness, but this is really a tale of connection and caring between the living and the dead, a union of souls, and one soul protecting another by turning possession from an infliction of harm to an act of generosity and caretaking.
  • Primary User
    12 Dec. 2021
    A fascinating exploration into the modern concept of digital remains. Unlike the social media accounts and other online traces of the dead that live on to haunt us, this play further upends the grieving process by pushing digital remains closer to AI, a disturbing prospect that may emerge in the not so distant future.
  • Impressions
    18 Apr. 2020
    Smart and funny, the clever dialogue and likable characters carry this charming play about how the business of art may exclude the real artists.
  • or what she will
    16 Apr. 2020
    A fascinating portrait of a complex and heartbreaking brother-sister relationship. In this measured play, Simpson breaks down the image of the perfect family that should protect and heal us, even suggesting that some family relationships make us more vulnerable to the attacks of the outside world.
  • Painted Desert
    10 Apr. 2020
    This taut and mystical morality tale kept me engaged to the final moments.