Recommended by Vince Gatton

  • like their lives depend on it
    7 Dec. 2023
    Christopher Soucy trains his eye on several hot button aspects of contemporary American life, in a police interrogation scene that upends your expectations and gives your ethical assumptions a workout. Tense, complicated, and indicting.
  • A Play with a Door
    7 Dec. 2023
    Funny and disturbing on multiple levels, Carbajal's A Play with a Door does what good absurdist stories do: unsettle you with an uncanny premise, then shake you with the all-to-real, all-too-human ramifications. In the canon of plays about marriage, this one does a tremendous lot with a few simple ingredients and a short running time. Packs a squicky punch.
  • Intricacies, Death and the Oxford Comma
    7 Dec. 2023
    One desperately wants to see this produced, if only so one can relish hearing repeated RP-pronounced intonations of the name "Dirty Gimlet".

    And to reiterate, affirm, and assert the importance of the Oxford Comma.

    Five stars. No notes.
  • Heist!
    6 Dec. 2023
    I know a script is really good when I find myself reading it aloud -- when the rhythm and music and sometimes just plain dumb glory of the dialogue compels me to speak it and hear it and play every part. Such was the case in my reading of the charming HEIST!, in which two incompetent criminals take a big swing at a big score...and try to pivot as it all goes predictably wrong. Billy the Kid and Gene Wilder may suck at jewel theft, but they're experts at stealing laughs. A delight.
  • I Don't DO Holidays
    2 Dec. 2023

    <gulps air>


    <calms down>


    <sighs contentedly>

    Ahem. Please read this play immediately, then produce it forthwith so I can either see it or be in it.

    It’s a banger of a comedy, hitting on widely-felt holiday truths from a hilariously cockeyed angle; a crabby joy right out of the gate that delivers an ending for the ages. It warmed the cockles of my blackened heart, and I am utterly undone.

    I call this a must for any festival of holiday shorts. A MUST. Judge me as you will, it’s the truth. Bravo, Prillaman. Bravo.
  • The Guest
    1 Dec. 2023
    An absurdist stand-off with surprising emotional depth. Is it a witty cat-and-mouse thriller or an existential long-dark-night-of-the-soul drama? Why not both? This suspenseful and sharp two-hander contains echoes of Sleuth, The Zoo Story, and Waiting for Godot, with language and wordplay that zigzags between grunting naturalism and soaring dark poetry. Lean forward in your seat and take this tense, brainy, funny and sad ride.
  • Secondhand Soul
    29 Nov. 2023
    Sometimes you gotta exorcise demons in order to move on to the next chapter of your life...and sometimes you just gotta give up your soul. Queer love, misunderstandings, adamantly held opinions, and supernatural shenanigans collide in this very funny, very sweet short.
  • Imaginary You (Bascom & Isaac #3)
    29 Nov. 2023
    Another delightful chapter in the Bascom & Isaac saga, pulling in another character from the Greater Sicklesverse: Bascom's friend Fred, last seen in the Destination Wedding series. Jealousy is the subject here, but what we're given isn't a simple romantic triangle: with the title character in play, it's more of a parallelogram. A witty and warm exploration of making space not only for a new lover, but for all they bring with them.
  • Midnight Nibble
    8 Nov. 2023
    A short reminder of how entertaining it can be to watch a predator play with its food.
  • Postpartum
    26 Oct. 2023
    Horror works best when it plays on real-life fears, and boy does Jillian Blevins understand that here, as she takes the anxiety, exhaustion, depression, and loss-of-self common to new motherhood and plays them out to a terrifying and heartbreaking extreme. Harrowing.