Recommended by Carolynne Wilcox

  • The Twelfth Story
    16 Nov. 2020
    I had the privilege of playing Athena in a developmental reading in 2014, and absolutely fell in love with the character and the world of the piece, which contains several stories to tell a larger story about how storytelling saved the world. It is interesting, compassionate, inventive and thoroughly engaging, would be an amazing addition to any season, and would be wonderfully suited to adapting as an online piece (this review is being written in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic). Highly recommend!
  • The Cardinals
    24 Mar. 2019
    Saw a reading at Last Frontier Theatre Conference in Alaska, in fact, stumbled into the room unintentionally (whoops) before it began. By the time I realized it was not the piece I had been interested in, the doors had closed, & there was no escape...worse yet, I saw 10 old white guys (NOT my demographic or interest) in front of music stands. However, I was EXTREMELY pleasantly surprised - this is a gorgeous, interesting & thought-provoking play I ended up pleased and gratified to have experienced!
  • The Cookie Fight
    24 Mar. 2019
    Saw a reading of this play at The Last Frontier Theatre Conference in Alaska - Leora is skilled at weaving together multiple diverse characters in circumstances that would try the most stable and stalwart among us. Definitely recommend!
  • 13 Letters to Lucy Grealy Written In The Bathtub
    24 Mar. 2019
    I had the privilege of being the solo actor in this piece as it was in development in the Towson University graduate program, both in a standalone reading and as part of a larger theatrical experience. As an actor, Gross's words are delicious coming out of the mouth; as an audience member, poignant and lyrical being received by the ear. Gross is a playwright worthy of much greater notoriety than she currently has, and her work needs to be seen and heard!