Recommended by Eryn Elyse McVay

  • Mestiza, or Mixed
    25 Oct. 2021
    I am so glad I stumbled across this play and I'm anxious to read more of Melissa's work. This piece does that magical thing where it has very natural dialogue that feels specific and lived in, and yet delivers so much story and character at the same time. Kind of can't believe this is a first draft - wonderful work!
  • Greater Illinois
    13 Sep. 2021
    This play is laugh out loud funny, edge of your seat suspenseful, deeply uncomfortable in its familiarity, and unapologetic in its indictment of oppression and those who uphold and benefit from it. The way Strafford crosses the intersection of race, sexuality, and so much more, all through the lens of Chicago, and while keeping his signature heart and wit, is stunning.
  • The Match Game
    30 May. 2021
    A stunning blend of laugh out loud comedy and gut wrenching family drama, not to mention each character would be an absolute treat for any actor to take on. A specific and unique story about family that will stick with you long after curtain.
  • Methtacular!
    2 Oct. 2020
    This piece is a triumph in every sense of the word. Strafford balances his raw and honest battle with addiction alongside uproarious laugh out loud comedy (and we NEED those laughs). His use of language and his understanding of storytelling is masterful. This is a beacon of what a solo show should be. Absolutely stunning.
  • Why Didn't Kalinda Just Kill Nick?
    8 Jun. 2020
    Quick and tight with clear voice and action. A hyper-specific look at one couple during quarantine that opens up the lens for us all to evaluate our relationships during this time. The dialogue is clear and active, with interesting character choices and relationships. Lovely!
  • Justice, INC
    1 Dec. 2019
    Absurd and real at the same time, Justice INC. illuminates the very real pain and frustrations that marginalized groups feel every day. Berryman shows her mastery of dialogue and character in a short form work.
  • The Deep End Kind
    1 Dec. 2019
    What is it about a stranger stuck between a very private argument that is so delicious? A truly hilarious play with so so much heart.
    1 Dec. 2019
    A passing of the torch between two people seeking acceptance. Reminded me how that’s often a life-long journey. Snappy dialogue that draws your right in and characters you really get to know in 11 short pages. Lovely.
    1 Dec. 2019
    Wow. Thank you Nick for writing this play. THE DEFECTORS is a brutally human story that tackles shame, addiction, self-loathing, regret etc etc etc never preachy, and so honest throughout. The dialogue is masterful and Carina and Ale’s relationship captured something truly special. The threads are so tight and refined and the format with the hive was delightful and unique. Read and produce this play!
  • The Great Steven Stravinsky
    30 Nov. 2019
    A very honest funny as hell coming of age story that feels precise and personal.