Recommended by Adam Seidel

    22 Oct. 2019
    'I’m lactating, for God’s sake, like a prized Jabba-the-Hutt-pig at State Fair, and I don’t have the
    time to pump after work because I’m changing diapers, rocking the baby around and around and
    around and..., dealing with my husband’s mother who’s living with us because she’s an energy

    hahahahaha so great. just a masterful piece of writing.
    21 Oct. 2019
    Love the rhythm to this and the active force of nature that is Pasha as she so eloquently proclaims not just her identity, but faces off against a world that most likely didn't understand her but by now most surely does.
  • Light Switch
    21 Jun. 2019
    Such crisp specific writing delved out in a rhythmic cadence. I was in Henry's corner from the first line and I wanted him to be okay. It's kinda like Rushmore meets Curious Incident. Really excited to see where this script goes.
  • The Ushers
    28 May. 2018
    I really enjoyed this play. It starts as quiet and fun and slowly begins to ratchet up the stakes for these characters, who all view their roles as volunteer ushers for a community theatre in Florida as sacred for different reasons. I see The Ushers as being about the ways in which people in their later years crave usefulness and more importantly, recognition for their efforts.
  • What Price? What Glory?
    23 May. 2018
    I can't think of a more relevant play in the wake of the current tidal wave of entertainment industry sexual misconduct. To me this play ultimately asks- at what point does the pursuit of one's dream become a nightmare? Really enjoyed it as much as I found it disturbing, which I think is the point. Give it read!
    25 Apr. 2018
    A slow burner chalked full of extremely relatable characters that in the end, hits you in jaw. Harmony Park is a highly charged, deeply thought provoking meditation on racial tension in today's America.
    15 Apr. 2018
    This is a great three hander. Full of humor and intriguing relationship power dynamics. Plus some really surprising monologues that are as unsettling as they are pleasing.
  • Something for Sondra
    14 Feb. 2018
    This play is an absolute winner. So many great themes explored. Are we obligated to live the life we want to live or are we obligated to others? Complex characters that are deeply human.
  • The Back Porch Test
    29 Oct. 2017
    This is such a great relationship play featuring two characters you love right away. A delightful short that you don't want to end.
    26 Oct. 2017
    I could definitely see this being part of a larger piece. Or let me rephrase that- I want it to be.