Recommended by Adam Seidel

  • The Day I Turned Into A Bird
    1 Aug. 2020
    A lovely, vivid and highly theatrical adaptation. Really strong, impassioned writing. Bravo Dave!
  • The Dummy Class
    25 Jun. 2020
    I love the perspective this play offers and how it raises up young characters who are on the spectrum. I think this play is important and I hope it gets traction. Especially love Ted and Mr. Bright!
  • Cooler Near the Lake
    30 May. 2020
    Been meaning to read this for ages. The aspect I enjoy most about Philip's work is that it feels so absolutely personal. And the beauty of that is upon entering the world, the audience instantly becomes part of the family. Really really enjoyed this one.
  • Be My Little Baby
    31 Mar. 2020
    This is such a fun script and contains elements you rarely ever see in plays. Imaginative, relatable and just a little weird in a very good way. Highly recommend.
  • Andy Warhol Was Actually Part of a Real Reverse Heist that Really Happened on the Actual Moon, and Related Conspiracies Ranging from Totally True to Semi-Factual to Definitely False, as Propagated by and the Rest of the Internet
    28 Mar. 2020
    This play is so well crafted and thought out and well researched and just absolutely fascinating. It's akin to getting a theatrical mystery box off of the dark web.
  • Something Profound
    25 Mar. 2020
    Um, some of the funniest frickin' lines I've ever read. This piece is so dope because it captures the enthusiasm and joy that every writer has when they think they've just thought up the next stellar play of the century. I'm not ashamed to admit I've been the playwright in this play only a few hundred thousand times every waking moment.. I think the moral of the play (both in writing and in life) is we all need Audience member 3 and their final line. :)
    8 Mar. 2020
    Sometimes you're sitting at a play reading panelist session and you're watching the panelists pontificate and most instances their critiques are best of intentions but other times you wonder why they don't just shut their mouths and get off the damn stage. This play captures the essence of the latter perfectly.
    29 Feb. 2020
    I love this play because it touches on so many interesting themes. I think we can all recognize ourselves in Marlotta, the main character. A person who for her own reasons has chosen to isolate herself, and despite her best efforts the world manages to crawl back into her life in the form of a wild boar. How this play hasn't started making it's rounds in the regional circuit beats me....
  • The Last Shore Trip
    27 Jan. 2020
    This play immediately drew me in not because it's a great story telling or because the imagery is so strong, but instead because of the strong emotional core which I could relate to. Yes it's a play about mourning, but to me it's mainly a play about celebrating the spirit of someone you loved who continues to make an impact after their untimely departure.
    22 Oct. 2019
    'I’m lactating, for God’s sake, like a prized Jabba-the-Hutt-pig at State Fair, and I don’t have the
    time to pump after work because I’m changing diapers, rocking the baby around and around and
    around and..., dealing with my husband’s mother who’s living with us because she’s an energy

    hahahahaha so great. just a masterful piece of writing.