Recommended by Patrick Gabridge

  • Breaking the Shakespeare Code
    30 Aug. 2021
    This play absolutely flies off the page--the dialogue is so sharp, and the intensity of their emotional and intellect pulls us forward so forcefully. And through it all, there's this growing sense of connection and danger, sort of like a fencing match between two well-matched opponents (though one likes to think he's the superior fencer). We want the magnetic pull to keep pulling. Feels like this play should be done often.
  • Science Friction; or, The Rapid Deconstruction of a Rational Mind
    26 Aug. 2021
    Oh, just heard a reading of this from Tiny Theatre, and what an absolute delight. I love all the call outs to our favorite sci-fi touchpoints, with so much fun energy. And l love the ending!
  • This Year
    7 Jul. 2021
    Saw this one online at Tiny Theatre, and what fun! Love that this is a comedy that blends workplace, zombie, and traffic humor all into one. And it's hard to fight the logic that at some point in 2020-2021, zombies really did seem like the next logical progression. This is a really clever, tight play.
  • Brikelak
    7 Jul. 2021
    Just saw this online at Tiny Theatre, and such a smart piece. I love how it builds a world where "people" are able to connect, but that connection doesn't trump all needs or instincts. Highly recommend this little gem.
  • Two Socks Discuss Loss
    25 Apr. 2021
    This is one of my favorite short plays, ever. I remember seeing it at the Boston Theater Marathon (years ago), and was blown away by the simplicity and emotion of it. I've used this many times in class.
  • Your Favorite
    19 Mar. 2021
    This was an absolute delight and kept me laughing out loud as I read it. And I love the gentle arc and twist to it, as their conversation actually turns away from small-talk/obstruction, to something even meaningful and fun.
    3 Mar. 2021
    Wow. An incredibly powerful, lyrical look at a moment of flux in the West. In a way, it's a Western in the truest sense of the word, examining the complexity of dreams and interactions and fate of Native peoples, former slaves, Mormons, soldiers from Mexico, white American explorers, and clash of past and future, dreams and nightmares. The language and rhythm really helps give a sense of what it's like to be on the high desert prairie, under the sky. Wish I could see this one on stage.
  • You Haven't Changed A Bit
    9 Nov. 2020
    What a sweet short play. So poignant without being maudlin. A piece like this takes a delicate touch, and Donna handles it so adeptly.
  • Maytag Virgin
    15 Jan. 2020
    I've gotten to both read and see a production of this play, and it's absolutely delightful. It's a pleasure to watch a playwright as skillful as Cefaly send these two characters on the journey towards love, with plenty of bumps along the way, and surrounded by so much humor and rich language. Masterfully done.
  • The Last Wide Open
    10 Jan. 2020
    What a fun, lively, and lovely play. Cefaly’s use of language and translation and music makes this a love story that you really want to listen to. The trick to great dialogue isn’t writing like people really talk, it’s writing verbal music that the audience wants to soak up/soak in. Great playfulness in this piece.