Recommended by Mildred Inez Lewis

  • Eternal Hellfire and Damnation: A Love Story
    15 May. 2023
    This piece updates a myth and allows you to see nuances and complications you might easily have overlooked in school. It's also a word fest that is an absolute delight for the ear.

    Plus, it's hilarious.
  • You Have Earned Bonus Stars
    5 Feb. 2023
    What a rich, vibrant world, artfully realized. This play doesn't just take on the "issue" of workplace violence, although there is nothing wrong with that. It searches our souls at work where so much of life happens.

    From the opening that captures the chaos of the aftermath to the powerful ending focused on Danielle, there are many well earned surprises. We rocket through the absurd to the surreal to the theater of cruelty. When Ed ends an encomium to the victims with "Danielle, who is, of course, a whore." I almost leapt out of my chair. Excellent stuff.
  • Thank You, Porcupine
    22 Sep. 2022
    What a powerful and unique piece of work. It allows its female characters to delve into darkness without pulling any punches.

    Delightful. This is an original play.
  • Madeleines
    27 Jun. 2022
    Madeleines proves that writing can be warm and incisive at the same time. Lovely to listen to.
  • 38 Cookies, 39 Reasons [a monologue]
    28 Sep. 2021
    Empathy and craft meet in this wonderful. truthful play. It speaks to something larger than eating disorders. It has something to say about the American soul.
    6 Jun. 2021
    Powerful revenge piece with elements of wit and genre bending.
  • Icebox Placenta (a monologue for women)
    6 Jun. 2021
    The character's inability to let go of the placenta or bury it, after all there are many, many parks in NYC. So touching. Love the way it shesd light on how we relate to our bodies and birth. Lovely.
  • You Have Earned Bonus Stars
    20 Apr. 2021
    Danielle's quest is deeply engaging and hits all the right notes. This is not a dark comedy that exploits its subject. It ennobles the characters and its audience. Simply amazing writing and more than that compassion for humanity and its plights.
    1 Apr. 2021
    I started laughing from the title page - "as told by Big Foot." Smart, funny writing, but a concept right up there with Grendel, the retelling of the Beowulf's story from the monster's point of view.

    When Lonny says, "Me not see that. "Me not read script." I howled with laughter, then memories hit and I said "ouch", then I laughed again.

    Recommend highly!
  • For Richard, for Poorer
    19 Feb. 2021
    What a lovely ride. You're not a militant vegetarian. The wondrous, yet clueless Aunt Betty. Wedding jitters and fun wrapped around deep feeling and commitment. Richard and Eddie are going to make it.