Recommended by Alec Silberblatt

  • Screech Owl
    2 Aug. 2021
    I love this play. The characters and dialogue jump right off the page. Madison captures the mine field that is adult communication; the inherent dangers in trying to figure out what you want, what you need, and who you are.
  • The Wake
    9 Jul. 2021
    Loved seeing this on Zoom early in the pandemic as part of Pittsburgh Public Theater's PlayTime Series. A great play for actors, great dialogue, moving and funny.
  • The Inseparables
    9 Jul. 2021
    This is the way you adapt a massive story. It's fun, it's theatrical, and it's funny as all hell. Sock puppets and sword fights: count me in.
  • The Bergerac Simulation
    9 Jul. 2021
    Mora V. Harris is genuinely funny. Her characters and her dialogue are truly funny, so adapting Cyrano makes complete sense. Mora brings this classic into our age and plays with virtual reality in a clear and accessible way. It is fun. It is touching. It makes me laugh out loud.