Recommended by Bridgette Dutta Portman

  • In Full Bloom
    16 Jan. 2022
    A well crafted, beautiful piece about a couple struggling to connect in the midst of their unique experiences of grief. What begins as a discussion about flowers quickly unfolds into something far deeper. I would love to see this staged.
  • Ghosts of Bogotá
    24 May. 2020
    I had the pleasure of seeing this play presented as a virtual reading with Four Walls Theater. Burbano has crafted a powerful, unique, darkly humorous exploration of the lasting impact of trauma on both individuals and families. And who doesn't love a good ghost story?
  • KiKi Pineapple Starring In: "Saving the World!"
    3 Apr. 2020
    A whimsical and charming play for young actors, with an important message about self-acceptance and empathy. The character names are delightful, the protagonist is compelling and wonderfully weird, and the ending is heartwarming. Go Kiki Pineapple!
  • The Space Between Her Legs
    12 Jan. 2020
    What. Did. I. Just. Read. And I mean that in the best possible way. This play is zany, brilliantly absurd, and laugh-out-loud hilarious, all while making a highly relevant statement about women's bodily autonomy and sexuality. Just read it. And then produce it, because I would pay anything to see this on stage.
    3 Jan. 2020
    A lovely short play about the power of the community garden and those who tend it. Francoise is equal parts gardener, poet, and revolutionary--at once gentle in spirit and tough as nails. The ending made me want to pick up a shovel too.
  • 11 & 8
    3 Jan. 2020
    This is a raw, riveting piece about two children struggling to comprehend the incomprehensible, and a powerful reminder of the impact of war and trauma on the innocent. Stories like these are--sadly--as relevant today as they have been throughout history. A very powerful short play.