Recommended by Allan Baker

  • Saint Somebody
    23 Jul. 2019
    A wonderful play. The story describes a small eddy of sweetness and justice in a maelstrom of war and injustice. The characters are strongly and uniquely drawn. They are the perfect drivers of a story that rivets our attention and surges to an entirely satisfying conclusion. It is the peculiar privilege of a talented playwright to lift a story from history and imagination, place it onstage, and make us fall in love with it. Brava, Rita!
  • Gliders
    20 Jul. 2019
    I loved this play. WWII glider pilots and the Apollo 11 astronauts are a wonderful symbol of what this story is about...courage. The characters are well wrought and presented. The dramatic momentum of the story sweeps, accelerating, to a well-deserved and most satisfying conclusion. On stage, it will engage, then seduce and finally enthrall the audience. I look forward to seeing a production of this play.
  • The M.O. of M.I. (The Modus Operandi of Male Intimacy)
    9 Mar. 2019
    I read the play and saw the movie at the Austin Gay/Lesbian International Film Festival. Both were engaging, fascinating experiences. An emotional roller-coaster of a story, in either medium.
    30 Oct. 2017
    I loved this play when I saw it at Austin's FronteraFest. You come to be fully involved with the character, her difficult history and her strength.
    30 Oct. 2017
    A wonderful story with a lovely dramatic arc. The characters are engaging and fully realized and the sense of time and place in each of the three parts is spot on.