Recommended by Allan Baker

  • Gibberish Mostly
    9 Feb. 2021
    This is a totally engaging, thoughtful and creative play. Good theatre allows the audience to experience new worlds and unseen parts of this one. Max's well acted and directed play does both, with regard to autism and with regard to the more existential challenge of understanding and communicating with those around us. Bravo!
  • SAINT SOMEBODY [Published]
    23 Jul. 2019
    A wonderful play. The story describes a small eddy of sweetness and justice in a maelstrom of war and injustice. The characters are strongly and uniquely drawn. They are the perfect drivers of a story that rivets our attention and surges to an entirely satisfying conclusion. It is the peculiar privilege of a talented playwright to lift a story from history and imagination, place it onstage, and make us fall in love with it. Brava, Rita!
    20 Jul. 2019
    I loved this play. WWII glider pilots and the Apollo 11 astronauts are a wonderful symbol of what this story is about...courage. The characters are well wrought and presented. The dramatic momentum of the story sweeps, accelerating, to a well-deserved and most satisfying conclusion. On stage, it will engage, then seduce and finally enthrall the audience. I look forward to seeing a production of this play.
  • The M.O. of M.I. (The Modus Operandi of Male Intimacy)
    9 Mar. 2019
    I read the play and saw the movie at the Austin Gay/Lesbian International Film Festival. Both were engaging, fascinating experiences. An emotional roller-coaster of a story, in either medium.
    30 Oct. 2017
    I loved this play when I saw it at Austin's FronteraFest. You come to be fully involved with the character, her difficult history and her strength.
    30 Oct. 2017
    A wonderful story with a lovely dramatic arc. The characters are engaging and fully realized and the sense of time and place in each of the three parts is spot on.