Recommended by Mary DeCarlo

  • Nurse Cadden
    21 Sep. 2023
    Nurse Cadden mixes dark comedy with history to explore the life of Ireland's most notorious backstreet abortionist, Mamie Cadden. The play grapples with themes more relevant than ever in today's landscape: politics, religion, and the hypocrisy of both when it comes to women's health. In Mickere's play saints aren't so saintly and villains not always villainous, but the victims of profit driven healthcare remain (today as they were then), the women most in need.
  • The Poet, The Spy, and the Dark Lady
    20 Jul. 2022
    A gorgeously written imagining of the friendship and romance between Marlowe, Shakespeare, and Emilia Bassano. The script weaves together artistic passion, political intrigue, and forbidden love with language worthy of its subjects. This script will appeal to history buffs and causal theatre goers alike.
    23 Jun. 2022
    A devastating portrait of a grief that lodges in your heart and refuses to leave. The parents of a dead teenage girl hold tight to their trauma in the form of birthday parties and imagining the life she would have lived with her high school sweetheart. A darkly funny meditation on the transformative and addictive power of grief. I was lucky enough to see a staged reading at the Valdez Theatre Conference and the characters and themes will stay with me for a long time.
    23 Jun. 2022
    I was lucky enough to see a reading of The Birthday Game at the Valdez Theatre Conference. I felt like I was invited to a summer getaway with charming philosophers. The Birthday Game challenges audiences to think about big questions surrounding religion and politics through the lens of two young people who are drifting aimlessly through life trying to find their footing. The characters are deeply detailed and their intimate conversations are breathtaking. The themes and questions raised will stay with me for a long time. Crossing fingers to see a full production someday soon.
  • Treachery Island: A Serial Play
    23 Jun. 2022
    An episodic serial play for fans of reality TV and science fiction. Treachery Island follows contestants at the end of a Surviror-esque game show who find themselves in a dystopian nightmare. Twists and turns in the play keep the audience guessing. A fun and engaging ride for anyone who's ever wondered if they could outwit, outlast, and outplay their fellow human beings.
  • the giants, parts one and two
    4 Mar. 2021
    Wow. Matthew Jellison paints a heart wrenching and gorgeous visual and emotional landscape with these plays. He weaves mythology and magic into our hopes and fears in a way that will leave you truly moved. I cannot wait for the day a theatre produces these brilliant plays that so deserve to be heard and seen.
    4 Mar. 2021
    A thrilling play about death, grief, family legacies and memory. Jonathan Kim Phillips paints a gorgeous visual and auditory landscape that draws the audience into the emotional world of his characters. This play will frighten you, move you, and make you question reality.
    4 Mar. 2021
    A thought provoking piece that can call out the complicity of the audience in what is happening on stage. A great examination of gaslighting and manipulation that will shock the audience over and over in a short amount of time.
  • Kindnesses_Zoom
    4 Mar. 2021
    An intimate short play set in a woman’s dressing room. This play explores the relationships between mothers and daughters in a comical yet moving way. The writing is funny and emotionally charged. It is a delight to watch these strangers bond through the walls of a dressing room.
    4 Mar. 2021
    This play rings true to the power struggles and conflict that can erupt as children watch their parents age. A great exploration of asking for and accepting help.