Recommended by John Busser

  • Sleep Talker
    16 May. 2024
    Now THAT was a fun time! Even as I was being creeped out, I was fascinated with where this conversation between Rory and a sleeping Tay (and possibly someone or something(s) else) was going. Trust comes with a price and in this case, that price may be just a bit to terrible to contemplate. And even in the midst of this uncertainty, Jacquie Floyd manages to insert some stress relieving laughs into the bedroom. I always look forward to her work, and this one was no exception.
    12 May. 2024
    Prince Charming may have turned into a frog, but this charmer from Nora Louise Syran is nothing but highest grade wine. Nora always makes her character interactions sparkle with wit and verve. Loved the sprinkling of French in here (look at Nora, making me try my best to pronounce it as I read in an outrageous accent). Some things are better left corked, but this play isn't one of them. This one needs to be let out and shared with an audience.
  • Needs Work
    12 May. 2024
    Relationships are always a battle of sorts. No necessarily fighting but skirmishes take place all the time, with one side gaining ground, the other losing it, then having the dynamic shift. It's a constant battle. So the talk of being excellent and equal in this play is a dicey one. Who determines it, who maintains it and who accepts or rejects it is always in flux. James Dimartino skillfully shows us this with Richard and Trish. Their solution for getting out from under these restraints looks to be just as interesting. James, let's see THAT conversation in a sequel.
  • A RAINY NIGHT IN HOLLYWOOD - one-act based on actual events in 1940's Hollywood.
    12 May. 2024
    A character piece from the Old Hollywood era is just what I needed to read right now, and this one comes in with rainy night vibes and goes down as smooth as a glass of bourbon. Tom Erb shows us how this based-on-true-facts story might have gone down, and if it didn't happen exactly this way, well then, it should have. Both characters are delightfully realized and at the end, I wanted the car trip to extend another 20 pages. I'd love to see this staged.
    12 May. 2024
    I was so caught up in Deb Cole's chilling confrontation between a mother who suffered the loss of her daughter and the friend who helped cause it, that I hadn't realized till after I read it that I don't know exactly what happened. And I didn't necessarily want to know. Whatever the circumstances, this was pain I didn't need to take on myself. Deb's characters are suffering enough for us all. Just terribly evocative writing from a playwright that knows exactly how to push buttons in the most intriguing way.
  • THOSE ARE MINE - 10-Minute, boss keeps stolen company files in his locked bathroom
    11 May. 2024
    It's not hard to see the parallels between these characters and the reality we've lived in since 2016, and Tom Erb provides a much-needed comedic version of a truly despicable man's attempt to keep what isn't his. I want to see this continue so at least SOMEONE will get his comeuppance. C'mon Tom, let's see the aftermath!
  • On This Site in 1782
    11 May. 2024
    What an intriguing story Chris Plumridge dishes up here! This story is about as "nothing" as an episode of Seinfeld, meaning it's very much about "something". Even the smallest of events can be of Earth-shaking importance to the right audience. Whether it's a proposal of marriage or a flight of fancy, Chris makes both events of equal significance in our eyes. So much for "nothing". Just terrific.
  • Give Me Your Skin
    11 May. 2024
    Man did I like this play by Dan Prillaman! Hat's off, Dan! What a novel concept, taking role playing and turning around the character dynamics. At first, I was as in the dark as Roan as to the reasons of this encounter. I don't want to spoil your fun of discovery either. But when you find out what's really going on, I hope it hits you like it did me. Needless to say, it was a game changer (pun definitely intended). This would be wonderful to see staged.
    11 May. 2024
    Boy did THIS leave a bad taste in my mouth. But make no mistake. This should be required reading (or listening or seeing) for those of you who gloss over the nightly news reports, or the You Tube videos. Asher Wyndham gets right to the whole sick manor in which some people excitedly lust after items at an auction that have a particular function (and notoriety) with the same fervor they would lusting after a piece of fine art. Although I could be wrong. A Rembrandt doesn't have the stopping power of an AR-15. Killing machines are much more collectable.
  • [the inner universe]
    9 May. 2024
    I had the distinct pleasure to take part in a reading of this emotionally resonant play by Sam Heyman. This play deals with Jackson, a uniquely compelling character dealing with a search for answers after a childhood trauma. But it's not only Jackson's journey we take. His parents, both with their own fascinating stories to tell, A university teacher with an unexpected connection and a newly found friend both complicate and enrich the story. All in all, a very strong piece that needs to be shared with bigger audiences.