Recommended by Rachel Aberman

    24 Jul. 2023
    The monologue flows well, and even in its shortness is able to get across the heartlessness that capitalism seems to breed.
  • The Velociraptor's Very Good Day
    24 Jul. 2023
    I saw a performance of this musical at part of SoundBites 2023. I love the quirky way that this show lets us into the mind of an autistic child. I think Sair is a fantastic lyricist and the show is really benefitted by its very fun music. This show is great for kids, but just as easily enjoyed by adults. I would highly recommend it.
  • With Bated Breath
    14 Feb. 2023
    This play was so charming and HILARIOUS. Mark-Eugene came up with such an imaginative way to wreak havoc on this sex-deprived town. His characters are all wonderfully quirky and had me laughing the entire way through. I especially love the narrator in this, with her cat and her amazing puns. The story comes together beautifully in the end and left me hoping that I will get to see it on stage one day soon.
  • peerless (aka untitled high school macbeth, hsmb)
    27 Oct. 2022
    I was lucky enough to see a recent production of this by 59E59 Theatre and it was awesome! First of all, it has so many twists and turns and the tie in to the inspiration is super clever. The way the dialogue is written has so much movement to it. I forget the character's name, but I especially like the first recipient of the scholarship, his character was incredible! I'd see it again for sure!
  • The Sentence - 10 Minute Play
    4 Jun. 2021
    This is powerful piece about what always is at the other side of hate. I love how this play gives us more information about the punishment of a person than his crime, I think it gives us a lot of space to consider if anything is worth this particular punishment. The twist at the end is of course excellent and heartbreaking. I feel like, overall these are all characters I want to know more about, but also who each serve a clear purpose in embodying the different perspectives audience members might have.
    2 Jun. 2021
    A monologue with an awesome twist. Even having read the title of this monologue and the description of it I was so invested in the inner story that I totally forgot this was about actors. I love the vivid descriptions in this piece and think an actor could very much show off doing it. Awesome job!
  • Down There
    27 May. 2021
    I loved this monologue, not only is it funny, but it says so much about the way we think about men and women's sexuality. Language is so important, it is tools to shape ideas, as is education. This monologue hilariously and effectively explores how both of those things shape how we feel about women's bodies.
  • Bing!
    27 May. 2021
    I read this monologue so fast, but honestly enjoyed every moment of it. It's amazing how much the writer manages to do with so little dialogue. It's the definition of "show don't tell" and I would absolutely love to see this at some point. Even with the challenge of limited dialogue, this monologue shows a full emotional range and you truly do empathize with this clown who's lost his nose. Such a fun character, idea, and monologue! It could be the perfect audition monologue, nothing to memorize, yet so much to work with.
  • Amid the Bombs, a Monologue For Times of Fear
    26 May. 2021
    Where is all the toilet paper? When the sky seems like it's falling, something terrible is happening, how do you understand it? And if you do manage to understand it, how do you explain it to somebody else? How about explaining it to a child? This monologue attempts to do just that. It's a relatable monologue for our time and says something we could probably all stand to hear.
  • Egg Timer
    26 May. 2021
    The back and forth between this husband and wife is so delightfully volatile. It's truly the purge for marriage in this great 10-minute, and the viciousness with which this couple go at each other is so much fun. As much as I worried about their marriage while they were in their egg-timer session, the ending was hilariously reassuring. Hey, whatever works, maybe we should all be giving this a try in our relationships.