Recommended by Daniel McCoy

  • Twenty-Seven
    14 May. 2020
    Highly recommend! This is an acerbic, witty, multi-generational family comedy that peels back layer upon layer of hidden, sexy secrets. David employs his penchant for twisty dialogue and outrageous situations while telling an ultimately moving and discomfortingly human story.
  • Drown
    9 Jan. 2016
    This is a heartbreaking, beautiful, and hopeful play about the emotional aftermath of suicide. The most unique element of the play is the journey of Bonita, the wife/mother who has left her family behind, as she navigates her own personal afterlife under the ocean. No less compelling is the above-the-surface story of Jeremy and Henry's attempt to reconcile themselves to the loss they've experienced. David has a knack for taking the gravest of subjects - in this case suicide, depression and healing - and giving them a theatrical spin that is equal parts lyrical, matter-of-fact and slyly funny.
  • Airlock
    27 Aug. 2015
    This is a suspenseful and unsettling sci-fi drama that I had the pleasure of watching develop during Kari's and my first semester at Hunter College. Space claustrophobia at its best.
  • The Unlikely Ascent of Sybil Stevens
    27 Aug. 2015
    I saw this play in its world premiere at the Secret Theatre. It's a beautiful and moving journey that's stayed with me for over a year.