Connor Ermir Bradshaw

Connor Ermir Bradshaw

Connor Ermir is a Chicago-based, Midwestern-raised playwright and poet. They've worked — or had work developed — with Timeline Theatre, Victory Gardens Theatre, Jackalope Theatre, Shattered Globe Theatre, Playground Theatre, Citadel Theatre, iO Theatre, and The Understudy. For more deets on what Connor is up to, visit their website!


  • BRAWL!
    Dug into the backyard of Diesel Philips’ home is The Pit: the home and training ground for young boxers in the Mowbray Mountain valley.

    Here, limbs lock until a bell dings or a body drops. Here, loving looks a lot like fighting. And here, boys don’t leave; they escape.
  • Gnawbone
    Those who return to Gnawbone looking for salvation never seem to find it. Not even our Angel.

    *Work in progress*
  • Boxed In
    An electric chair. A creaky floor. Thousands of pounds of dirt.
    For more than 15 years, John and Louise have been torn between uprooting themselves and the lives they know and planting themselves even deeper into their house and routine. But after tragedy strikes, husband and wife must determine whether bodies can ever be laid to rest and if memories are enough to bring a house to its knees.
  • Super-Ron
    When the September 11th attack rocks the country, Ron devises a plan to protect the people of Rochester, Minnesota and fulfill his heroic destiny, that is, if he can get out of the comic store bathroom.
  • flightless
    Sometimes all we want is to be lost at sea. Sometimes all we want is to escape the world we've known. And sometimes, when faced with a plan to do both, we just can't.