Recommended by Rebecca Dietsch

  • The Anchovy
    20 Jun. 2023
    The juxtaposition of a goddess disguised behind fish guts is a compelling premise and Macauley's need for his feelings to be understood and reciprocated, even momentarily, are easy to identify with. Aphrodite surprises with insight and is more perceptive than in common myths.
  • Submission Opportunities
    20 Jun. 2023
    Extremely relatable for playwrights who have multiple versions of the same play to acquiesce to highly specific submission guidelines.
    8 Jun. 2023
    This play had my stomach clenched as the tension escalates from unwanted prying to antagonizing to straight horror as Margaret faces two soulless predators.
  • Death of an Epitaph
    19 May. 2020
    Death of an Epitaph is a graveyard exchange about the meaning of words on a headstone. The dialogue is quick and fast-paced with a deeper story between the lines.
    21 Oct. 2019
    An extremely timely piece that encapsulates the heartbreak those that work in a school setting feel when immigration policies affect children.