Recommended by Jordan R. Young

  • Gray People
    28 Oct. 2020
    A tense game of cat and mouse that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
  • The Rothko
    28 Oct. 2020
    A pithy commentary on the art world, skewering the pretense that keeps it afloat.
  • Behind The Gates
    28 Oct. 2020
    A compelling clash of cultures and ideologies that pulls you in at the outset and never lets go.
  • Celtic Knot
    26 Sep. 2020
    Vivid characterizations that pull you into the story. True to the spirit of the Irish people; easy to visualize on the stage of Dublin's Abbey Theatre.
  • Great Western Wanderlust
    27 Oct. 2019
    Wonderfully quirky and offbeat, with a real world edge and plenty of surprises.
  • Gidion's Knot
    25 Oct. 2019
    Packed with taut, visceral dramatic action, resulting in an emotionally charged atmosphere.